1. household

    - The number of households of only one person is on the rise.
  2. to overturn

    - to overturn a government/a decision/an image
    umstürzen; zu Fall bringen
  3. mediocre

    - not very high quality
    mittelmäßig; zweitklassig

  4. social life

    - He has little or no social life and has severe problems in making friends.
    gesellschaftliches Leben; Privatleben
  5. to fulfil; to fulfill (AE)

    - to fulfil one’s dreams/potential

    - → fulfilled (adj): a fulfilled life; fulfilment (n); fulfilling (adj)
  6. ageing population

    - population that is getting older and older
    alternde Bevölkerung
  7. to cohabit

    - a cohabiting couple
    (in eheähnlicher Gemeinschaft) zusammenleben
  8. to work long hours

    - The job is well-paid, but you have to work long hours, and sometimes during the weekend.
    lange arbeiten
  9. sociologist

    - someone who studies human behaviour in society, e.g. social institutions and organisations and how they interact with the individual
    - → sociology (n); sociological (adj)
    Soziologe, Soziologin
  10. to dissolve

    - Stir until the powder has dissolved.
    sich auflösen
  11. gap year

    - During his gap year he travelled and worked in Australia, but he went back to England for university.
    freies Jahr zwischen Schulabschluss und Studienbeginn
  12. launch a career

    - The unexpected success of her short films helped her launch a career as a serious film director.
    eine Karriere starten
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