1. to volunteer

    -Volunteering is an integral part of the US welfare system.
    - → volunteer (n)
    eine ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit ausüben; sich freiwillig für etw. melden
  2. approximately

    - The programme will take approximately six weeks, maybe a few days more.
    ungefähr; etwa
  3. nonprofit

    - Big nonprofit organisations such as the Red Cross, Oxfam or Greenpeace act internationally.
    nicht kommerziell; gemeinnützig
  4. single-handedly

    - unassisted; without help

    - to single-handedly change/do/accomplish sth
    eigenhändig; allein
  5. disparity

    - a disparity between sth and sth else

    - → disparate (adj)
    Missverhältnis; Ungleichheit
  6. to make a difference

    - By donating only two euros a month, you can make a difference in a child’s life today!
    etw. bewegen; etw. verändern
  7. inconvenience

    - I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you didn’t have to wait too long.
  8. effort

    - to make an effort to do sth; to be (not) worth the effort; a team effort
    Aufwand; Anstrengung
  9. benefit

    - She has stopped smoking now, which is of great benefit to her health.
    - → to benefit from sth (v)
    Gewinn; Nutzen; Beihilfe; Unterstützung
  10. compassion

    - If you have/feel a lot of compassion for others, you are a caring and sensitive person.
    - → compassionate (adj)
    Mitgefühl; Mitleid
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