1. Macule
    • Flat, usually circumscribed, non palpable color change of the skin
    • Freckles
    • lentigo
    • tattoo
    • cafe au lait spot
  2. Patch
    • a coalescence of macules or a large macule
    • Vitiligo
  3. Papule
    • A palpable, circumscribed change in the consistency or contour of the skin. A papule may be elevated, depressed or level with the skin surface.
    • Wart
    • Lichen planus
    • acne vulgaris
    • psoriasis
  4. Nodule
    • A papule larger than 1 cm in diameter
    • melanoma
    • rheumatoid nodule
  5. tumor
    a large nodule
  6. palaque
    • a coalescence of papules
    • lichen plantus
  7. vesicle
    • A circumscribed, clear, fluid-filled lesion of the skin, i.e. a small blister
    • herpes simplex (cold sore)
    • herpes zoster (shingles)
  8. Bulla
    • a large vesicle
    • bullous pemphigoid
    • pemphigus vulgaris
  9. pustule
    • a vesicle filled with inflammatory cells
    • pustular psoriasis
    • acne vulgaris
    • folliculitis
  10. wheal
    • a palpaple, circumscribed, usually evanescent swelling caused by edema. the lesion usually demonstrates central pallor and peripheral erythema (redness).
    • Hives (urticaria)
  11. Pupura
    • discoloration of the skin due to the presence of blood in the tissue, outside of blood vessels. color will not blanch with pressure (c.f. erythema).
    • vasculitis
    • trauma
    • platelet deficiency
  12. petechia
    a punctate lesion of purpura
  13. hematoma
    a moderate-sized mass of pupura
  14. ecchymosis
    a large area of purpura
  15. comedo
    • a plug within a hair follicle canal that is composed of keratin and sebum, i.e. a blackhead
    • acne vulgaris
  16. milium
    • a white papule composed of whorls of keratinized epidermal cells beneath the skin surface, i.e. a whitehead
    • acne vulgaris
    • scars
  17. burrow
    • a horizontal tunnel in the stratum corneum produced by the female mite
    • scabies
  18. scale (squame)
    • an exfoliation of surface keratine cells
    • dermatitis
    • lichen planus
    • ichthyosis
  19. crust
    • dried exudate of fluid and/or cellular elements on the skin surface
    • infection
    • ulcers
  20. erosion
    • a superficial defect in the skin surface which does not penetrate though the epidermis
    • scratch
    • abrasion
    • excoriation
  21. ulcer
    • a defect in the skin surface which penetrates through the epidermis to the dermis
    • leg ulcers
    • trauma
    • chance of syphilic
  22. excoriation
    an erosion or uleration, usually linear, due to scratching
  23. fissure
    • a horizontal split in the skin
    • dry skin
    • surgical incision
  24. erythema
    • a diffuse reddening of the skin due to vasodilation with increased blood flow. color will blanch with pressure (c.f. purpura)
    • toxic erythema
    • systemic lupus erythematosus
  25. edema
    • a diffuse swelling of the skin due to extravasation of serum and lymph into tissue (c.f. wheal)
    • acute dermatitis
  26. pigmentation
    usually refers to the state of skin color due to melanin pigment
  27. hyperpigmentation
    • darkening due to the increased amount of melanin
    • lichen planus
  28. hypopigmentation
    • lightening due to decreased amount of melanin
    • vitiligo
  29. lichenification
    • thickening of the skin with accentuation of the normal skin markings. usually a sign of chronicity, associated with scratching or rubbing
    • atopic dermatitis
  30. verrucous
    • surface characterized by velvety, roughened wart-like change
    • verrucal vulgaris (wart)
  31. telangiectasia
    • condition of dilated small arterial or capillary blood vessels coursing parallel to the skin surface
    • rosacea
    • vasular spider
  32. atrophy
    • an emaciation, thinning or wasting of tissue
    • topical steroids
    • aging
  33. scar
    • result of replacement of normal tissue iwht fibrous connective tissue. the dermis must be injured fora scar to develop.
    • scar
    • keloid
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