pair phrases

  1. in gribs and grabs
    to arrive ect. in small numbers/quantities and irregular
  2. bright and early
    very early in the morning
  3. by and large
  4. to be few and far between
    not to be very common/difficult to find
  5. to grin and bear it
    to accept unpeasant situation without complaining
  6. ins and outs
    the details of complicated situation
  7. to make a song and dance about
    to complain too much... unnecessary
  8. odds and ends
    small unimportant objects
  9. once and for all
    definitely and finally

    раз и навсегда
  10. one's flesh and blood
    a relative
  11. an out-and-out lie
    a complete lie
  12. to be part and parcel of
    a fundamental part
  13. peace and quiet
    calm and tranquilility
  14. pride and joy
    sth/sb that a pesron is very proud of
  15. prim and proper
    very conservative and asy offended
  16. pushing and shoving
    pushing (crowded places)
  17. safe and sound
    safe and unharmed
  18. spick and span
    very clean
  19. touch and go
  20. up-and-coming
    sb who shows a lot of promise to be very successful

    a up-and-coming actor/tennis player/pianist/writer
  21. to have ups and downs
    to have good times and bad times
  22. wear and tear
    damaged caused by daily use
  23. well and truly
    completely (with beaten and lost)
  24. to win fair and square
    to win fairly
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