1. welfare state

    - The state is still the main provider of welfare benefits: we’re still living in a welfare state.
    Sozialstaat; Wohlfahrtsstaat
  2. policy

    - a new/official/controversial/conservative/zero-tolerance policy; a change of policy
    Politik; (politisches) Programm
  3. aid

    - first aid; public aid; legal aid

    - → to aid sb/sth (v)
    Hilfe; Unterstützung
  4. benefit

    - unemployment/social security/maternity/tax benefit
    Beihilfe; Unterstützung
  5. recipient

    - For people who have been welfare recipients for a long time it is often difficult to enter the job market again.
  6. self-sufficiency

    - ability to provide for oneself everything that is needed
    Eigenständigkeit; Selbstversorgung
  7. low-paying job

    - Many immigrants have to settle for low-paying jobs at first.
    - ↔ well-paid job
    schlecht bezahlte Anstellung
  8. proponent

    - The proponents of the new immigration law stressed how much it would be needed in the coming years.
    - ↔ opponent
  9. food stamp

    - government benefit for people with very low incomes, usually in the form of coupons or cards that can be used to get food at stores
  10. health insurance

    - The government wants to keep the cost of national health insurance in check.
  11. labour force

    - workforce
    erwerbstätige Bevölkerung
  12. single-parent family

    - ↔ two-parent family
    Familie mit nur einem Elternteil
  13. needy

    - being in need; poor
  14. to offset sth

    - to counterbalanc
    - Less and less children are being born, but immigration offsets this at the moment so that the total population remains stable.
    etw. ausgleichen
  15. decline

    - gradual weakening
    - → to decline (v)
    Rückgang; Abnahme; Niedergang
  16. to peak

    - The unemployment figures peaked at 14 million last month, but now it should get better again.
    - → peak (n)
    einen Höchststand erreichen
  17. dependent on

    - The government wants to reduce the number of people who are dependent on welfare programs.
    - ↔ independent from
    abhängig von
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