1. Keratinocytes
    • produce keratin-protein, gives epidermis durability
    • most abundant
  2. Melanocytes
    • produce melanin
    • protects against UV damage
  3. Langerhans Cells
    Phagocytic (immune) cells
  4. Merkel Cells
    sensory nerve endings, form touch receptors
  5. Meissner's Corpuscle
    • pain receptors
    • papillary layer
  6. Pacinian Corpuscle
    • pressure receptors
    • reticular layer
  7. Layers of Skin: Epidermis
    • Stratum Basale- basal layer, bottom (bull)
    • Stratum Spinosum- spiny, jagged edges (shit)
    • Stratum Granulosum- granulated, (gotta)
    • Stratum Lucidum- thick skin (learn)
    • Stratum Corneum- apical layer (crap)
  8. Layers of skin: Dermis
    • Papillary layer- superficial, areolar C.T., Meisner's Corpuscles.
    • Reticular layer- deep, dense irregular C.T., arteries, veins, glands, Pacinian Corpuscles.
  9. Hair Follicle
    dark area around hair
  10. Hair Shaft
    part that protrudes from surface
  11. Hair bulb
    germinal epithelial cells at basal end
  12. Arrector pili muscle
    • smooth muscle tissue
    • connects each follicle to dermis
  13. Sebaceous Glands
    • Globular structure, no ducts, associated with hair
    • secretes Sebum- oil to lubricate skin
  14. Sweat (sudoriferous) Glands
    • Eccrine-dense network, H20 & NaCl
    • Apporcine- loose network
  15. Synovial Membrane
    connective tissue, lining joint cavities
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