GRE 17

  1. composure
    n. mental calmness
  2. continence
    n. self-restraint; sexual chastity
  3. curmudgeon
    n. churlish, miserly individual; 심술궂은 구두쇠
  4. delude
    v. deceive
  5. diffuse
    adj. wordy; rambling; spread out (like a gas)
  6. distort
    v. twist out of shape
  7. elegy
    n. poem or song expressing lamentation
  8. exorbitant
    ad. excessive
  9. fetter
    v. shackle; 족쇄를 채우다
  10. forte
    n. strong point or special talent
  11. gustatory
    adj. affecting the sense of taste
  12. hurtle
    v. crash; rush
  13. implicate
    v. incriminate; show to be involved
  14. insurgent
    adj. rebellious
  15. jocose
    adj. given to joking
  16. lexicographer
    n. compiler of a dictionary
  17. malediction
    n. curse
  18. meteroic
    adj. swift; momentarily briliant
  19. mote
    n. small speck
  20. novelty
    n. something new; newness
  21. optimum
    adj. most favorable
  22. paraphernalia
    n. equipment; odds and ends; apparatus
  23. perpetrate
    v. commit an offense
  24. plaudit
    n. enthusiastic approval; round of applause
  25. prevail
    v. induce; triumph over
  26. pterodactyl
    n. extinct flying reptile
  27. render
    v. deliver; provide; represent
  28. revile
    v. attack with abusive language; vilify
  29. staid
    adj. sober; sedate
  30. supplant
    v. replace; usurp
  31. thematic
    adj. relating to a unifying motif or idea
  32. trenchant
    adj. forceful and vigorous; cutting
  33. unkempt
    adj. disheveled; uncared for in appearance
  34. viand
    n. food
  35. whimsical
    n. capricious; fanciful
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