Embryo Clicker Q's

  1. Heart develops from
    Splanchnic Mesoderm
  2. Most common congenital heart defect in dogs is
  3. Septum Transversus develops into
  4. Truncus Arteriosis develops into (2)
    Aorta and Pulmonary Artery
  5. Sinus Venosus becomes part of the
    R Atrium
  6. Foramen Secundum develops from
    Septum Primum
  7. Foramen Ovale is present as windo in
    Septum Secundum
  8. Spiral Septum divides
    Truncus Arteriosus & Bulbus Cordis
  9. Bulbis Cordis gives rise to (3)
    • Conus Arteriosis
    • Aorta
    • Pulmonary Artery
  10. Most Oxygenated Blood is present in the
    Umbilical Vein
  11. Round Ligament of urinary bladder is formed by the
    Umbilical Artery
  12. Caudel Venacava develops from the
    Subcardinal Vein
  13. Hepatic Sinuses develop from
    Vitelline Vein
  14. Structure that bypasses blood from fetal liver
    Ductus Venosus
  15. Cranial Mesenteric Artery develops from
    Vitelline Artery
  16. Continuous machinary like murmer is present in
  17. Tetrology of Fallout (4)=
    • Dextroaorta
    • Pulmonary Stenosis
    • I-V Septal Defect
    • Dilation/Hypertrophy of R Ventricle
  18. Round Ligament of Liver is reminent of
    Umbilical Vein
  19. Left Horn of Sinus Venosus develops into
    Coronary Sinus
  20. Right Horn of Sinus Venosus develops into
    Sinus Venerum of R Atrium
  21. Eisemmenger Complex (3)=
    • Dextraaorta
    • I-V Septal Defect
    • Dilation/Hypertrophy of R ventrile
  22. Bulbos Cortis=> (3)
    • Aorta
    • Pulmonary Artery
    • Conus Ateriosus
  23. Area aroud the Origin of Pulmonary Artery in the R Ventricle
    Conus Arteriosus
  24. Conducting System in the heart develops from
    Cardiac Muscle
  25. Foramen Secundum develops in
    Septum Primum
  26. Arterioventricular Canal is divided by
    Septum Intermedium
  27. Vascular Endothelium is derived from
    Splanchnic Mesoderm
  28. Internal and External Iliac Arteries are derived from
    Umbilicial Arteries
  29. Common Carotid Arteries develop from
    3rd Aortic Arch
  30. Which bypasses fetal heart?
    • Ductus Arteriosis
    • Foramen Ovale
  31. Sternum develops from
    Somatic Mesoderm
  32. Ribs develop from
    (____->____-> Ribs)
    • Paraxial Mesoderm ->
    • Sclerotome ->
    • Ribs
  33. Anulus Fibrosus develops from
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