1. Characteristic Properties
    • Specific properties that are unique to each type of matter.
    • Melting point, density, condutivity
  2. Endothermic Reaction
    A reaction pulls in or absorbs energy.

    Chemical Ice Pack
  3. Exothermic
    A chemical reaction that releases or has excess energy.

    Burning fuel in a jet plane to push it forward
  4. Covelant Bond
    Chemical bond formed when two atoms share electrons. usually nonmetals
  5. Molecule
    group of atoms joined by covalent bonds
  6. Chemical Bond
    Attraction that holds two atoms together by sharing electrons.
  7. Matter
    Stuff that makes up everything. Has mass and volume and density.

  8. Gas
    Random arrangement of atoms moving very fast
  9. Liquid
    atoms that are not in rigid order but move slower than gas
  10. Solid
    atom arranged in order, very slowly moving
  11. Freezing point
    Liquid to Solid
  12. Melting Point
    Solid to Liquid
  13. Boiling point
    Liquid to gas
  14. Condensation Point
    Gas to Liquid
  15. Sublimination
    Solid to gas skipping the liquid form
  16. Physical Properties of Matter
    No chemical change

    texture, feel, color

    White marshmallow
  17. Chemical Properties of Matter
    • Needs a chemical reaction
    • Only observed as a new substance

    Marshmallow after surgar has been carmalized
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