Mechanical Reasoning

  1. The main reason a fiberglass ladder would be used in place of an aluminum ladder is when there are concerns about the:
    conductivity of the ladder
  2. The main advantage of four-wheel drive is:
    better traction
  3. A slight coating of rust on small tools is best removed by:
    rubbing with kerosene and fine steel wool
  4. A good lubricate for locks is

    A) graphite
  5. The best way to neutralize an acid is to mix it with a(n):
    base of equal strength
  6. Wood ladders should not be painted because:
    paint will hide defects in the ladder
  7. A method that can be used to prevent the formation of "skin" on a partially used can of oil paint is to
    pour a thin layer of solvent over the top of the paint
  8. A trowel is a tool used for
    smoothing out cement
  9. The main reason some nails are galvanized is to make

    A) them rust resistant
  10. Neutral wire can quickly be recognized by the
    natural or whitish color
  11. The hot lead wire is generally what color
  12. The ground wire is generally what color
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Mechanical Reasoning
Mechanical Reasoning