IB Java Terms

  1. A-D converter
    A device for converting analog signals into digital ones for subsequent computer processing; sometimes called a "digitizer". A digital to analog (D to A) converter operates in the reverse direction.
  2. address bus
    Pathway from memory to processing unit that carries the address(location) in memory to and from which data is transferred.
  3. algorithm
    An ordered set of well-defined instructions for the solution of a problem in a finite number of steps.
  4. ALU
    Arithmetic and logic unit: a part of the computer that performs arithmetic operations, logic operations, and related operations.
  5. analog data
    The representation and measurement of the performance or behavior of a system by continuously variable physical entities such as currents, voltages and so on.
  6. digital data
    Discrete data
  7. and
    The output of "and" is True if all statements are True, False if any statement is False.
  8. applet (Java)
    A program that runs in the context of a browser.
  9. application (Java)
    A program that runs when translated by a Java compiler.
  10. archive
    Data that represents a record of data held and processed at a specific time, which is held off-line for future research or for legal reasons.
  11. array
    • 1. An arrangement of data in one or more dimensions
    • 2. In programming languages, an aggregate that consists of data objects, with identical attributes, each which may be uniquely referenced by indexing.
  12. B
  13. back-up (file)
    A second copy of a file, to be used in the event of the original file being corrupted.
  14. bar code
    A pattern of vertical lines distinguished from each other by width. It can be read by a bar code reader to provide data to a computer.
  15. Bar code reader
    an optical reader that can read bar codes
  16. Base
    In a mathematical number system, the number of unique digits, including zero, used to represent numbers based on positions, location with respect to the decimal point
  17. Batch processing
    method of processing data in which transactions are first collected, then prepared for input into the computer to be processed as a single unit. ex. payroll
  18. Binary Search
    search used on an ordered set of elements in which at each step of the search, the middle value of the current set of elements is compared to the search element. If it is not the value, the upper or lower half will be searched using the method, repeating until the value is found or determined to be not on the list.
  19. bit (b)
    binary digit. the smallest unit of information for data storage and transmission. Each bit is considered to either be 0 or 1
  20. block
    the smallest unit of data that can be transferred between memory and backing storage (hard drive) in one operation
  21. BMP
    extension for files in bitmap form
  22. Boolean expression
    expression that has a value of true or false
  23. Bps
    bits per second
  24. Browser
    used to give interactive access to information on the world wide web, retrieving web pages and displaying in multi-media format
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