Survey Research

  1. Purpose of surveys
    To obtain info necessary to fulfill the purpose of the study that cannot be obtained in other way
  2. Types of survey study designs
    • Cross-sectional
    • Cross-sectional surveillance
    • Cross-sectional intervention
    • Group comparison
    • Cohort study
    • Panel study
  3. How many times is data collected in a cross-sectional survey?
  4. How many times is data collected in a cross-sectional surveillance?
    Multiple times
  5. Survey used to describe population characteristics at a given point in time
  6. Survey used for planning or observing changes over time as a consequence of normal events
    Cross-sectional surveillance
  7. Examples of survey designs
    • Mail
    • Telephone
    • Web
    • Face-to-face
  8. What created the IRB, OHRP (office for human research protection) to protect human subjects?
    Code of Federal Regulations (Title 45, Part 46)
  9. Roles of surveys in medical research
    • Needs assessment
    • Assess quality of life
    • Measure access to health care
    • Evaluate programs and interventions
    • Evaluate access, dissemination and use of info
    • Access knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, satisfaction with services or quality of life
  10. Survey used for evaluating an intervention
    Cross-sectional intervention
  11. Used to make in depth descriptive observations. Data is collected multiple times
    Panel Study
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