1. pulmonary
    of the lungs
  2. surface area of lungs
    • high for gas exchange
    • each lung has the surface area of the size of a singles tennis court
  3. alveoli
    • surrounded by blood vessels branching from the pulmonary artery
    • CO2 dropped off and H2O is picked up by blood
    • 300 million in each lung
  4. cavities
    • nasal
    • oral
  5. pharynx
    • nasopharynx
    • oropharynx
    • laryngopharynx
  6. larynx
    • voice box
    • air rushes past vocal chords allowing for speech
  7. epiglottis
    closes off trachea during swallowing
  8. main bronchi
    there are 2
  9. secondary bronchi
    • lobes
    • 3 in right lung
    • 2 in left lung
  10. diaphragm
    muscle that contracts to expand the thoracic cavity and draw air into the lungs
  11. phren/o
    root word for diaphragm
  12. lung functions
    • bring in O2 rich air
    • expel CO2 into atmosphere
    • allows for speech
  13. mucous membrane
    lines respiratory system and secretes mucus to protect from infection by foreign bodies
  14. pleurae
    membranes surrounding lungs
  15. parietal pleurae
    outer layer
  16. visceral pleurae
    inner layer
  17. intrapleural space
    • space between pleurae
    • pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure
  18. pneumothorax
    • accumulation of air in intrapleural space
    • can be spontaneous or traumatic
  19. types of respiration
    • external
    • internal
  20. external respiration
    exchange of air from inside of body with outside
  21. internal respiration
    • cellular exchange with air from lungs
    • the red blood cells exchange CO2 and H2O
  22. -pnea
  23. eupnea
    normal breathing
  24. tachypnea
    rapid breathing
  25. bradypnea
    • abnormally slow breathing
    • often seen in brain injury patients
  26. orthopnea
    • positional breathing
    • ie must sit or stand to breathe
  27. apnea
    no breathing for a period of time
  28. hypoxia
    • low blood O2 levels
    • occurs in apnea goes on for too long
  29. -ptysis
    coughing up a chest secretion
  30. hemoptysis
    coughing up blood
  31. URI
    • upper respiratory infection
    • caused by a virus
  32. coryza
    the common cold
  33. pneumonia
    • fluid build-up in the lungs
    • caused by chemical exposure, virus, bacteria, fungus
    • 7th most common cause of death in US
  34. rales
    rattles due to mucus build up
  35. rhorchi
    • wheezing due to infection, mucus build up
    • common with asthma
  36. spatum
    coughed up fluid
  37. bronchitis
    • inflammation of the bronci
    • can be acute or chronic
  38. acute bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchi caused by infection by virus or bacteria
  39. asthma
    airways are hyperreactive
  40. chronic bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchi caused by asthma or COPD
  41. COPD
    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • 4th most common cause of death in US
  42. emphysema
    • a type of COPD
    • caused by smoking
    • breakdown of walls of alveoli, reducing surface area for gas exchange to occur
  43. pyrexia
  44. antipyretic drugs
    fever reducers (tylenol/acetamenaphin)
  45. febrile
    has a fever
  46. afebrile
    no fever
  47. -phagia
    swallowing / eating
  48. -phonia
  49. aphonia
    loss of speech
  50. dysphonia
    impairment of speech
  51. pharyngitis
    • sore throat
    • inflammation of the pharynx
  52. tracheotomy
    incision into the trachea
  53. tracheostomy
    forming an opening in the trachea and inserting a tube for airflow
  54. thoracentesis
    surgical puncture of the thoracic cavity to withdraw fluid
  55. pleural effusion
    liquid produced by pleurae that can compress lungs and prevent breathing
  56. mesothelioma
    lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure
  57. pneumonectomy
    surgical removal of a lung
  58. lobectomy
    removal of 1 or more lung lobes
  59. DVT
    • deep vein thrombosis
    • clot that forms in deep veins of legs and may cause a pulmonary embolism
  60. pulmonary embolism
    blood clot that lodges in the lungs
  61. embolis
    a clot
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