chapter 6

  1. according to piaget a circular reaction is
    c. an activity that permits the construction of positive schemes through the repetitionof a chance motor event
  2. In the Nativist approach to language development, theorist noam chomsky suggests that an innate mechanism directs language development. he refers to the neural system of the brain hypothesized to permit understanding of language as a(n)________
    a. language aquisition device
  3. Claude gets his mothers attention by making a kind of grunting noise and then looks at the ball just out of his reach. Claude's attempt to communicate his desire for the ball is an example of
    d. prelinguistic communication
  4. alfie calls for the book when he wants the menu in the neighborhood diner. alfies use of th word book to include the menu best illustrates which characterization of early speech
    c. over extension
  5. The information processing approach to cognitive development examines threee processes in terms of childrens' ablility to process information. Those preocesses are__________,_________, and _______.
    d. encoding, storage, retrieval
  6. According to piage's theory childrens understanding grows through two main process
    c. assimilation and accomidation
  7. The FIRST stage of piagets theory of cognitive development begins with teh reflex action and ends with the mental representation. This first stage is know as the
    a. sensorimotor stage
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