Medical Professions

  1. Physician
    • Ringleader
    • Hospitalist - One who works for the hospital; have to know a lot about everything and are not specialists
    • Specialist - consulted by primary MD; EX. Cardiologist, Orthopedic; etc.
    • Residents
  2. Physician Assistant (PA)
    • Write history and discharge summary
    • Review pts chart/care prior to MD
    • Order tests
    • Order PT
    • Order selected meds
    • Assists in surgery
    • MD reviews all of the above
  3. Nurse practitioner
    • Typically have BS in nursing; DNP
    • Similar to PA but the difference is nurses have clinical experience
  4. Pharmicist
    • Familiar with chart
    • Recommendations to MD on meds
    • pt education
  5. Primary Nurses
    • Responsible for pt
    • Meds, education, call lights, informs MD of medical charts, preps for tests
    • Multiple pts based on acuity
    • Usually sees or has about 7 beds
  6. Charge RN
    Oversees section/wing of nurses -> has about 20 beds
  7. Case Manager
    • Manages multiple pt cases
    • DC planning
    • Communication with all health care professionals
  8. Social Worker
    • DC planning
    • Outsides resources for pt and family
  9. Certified Nurse Assistant
    • Walking, bathroom, bathing, vital signs
    • Play nice - you help them and they help you
  10. Secretary
    Taing and sending MD orders to appropriate department
  11. Utilization Review
    • Monitor's insurance, pt's course, length of stay, MDs notes
    • SOAP note -> S (subjective)
  12. Respiratory Therapists
    • Breathing treatments
    • Ventilator care
    • Chest PT
    • Pulmonary fxn tests
    • Co treat with PTs
  13. OT
    • ADLs - teach pt to be as independent as they used to be and more
    • Visions - Ex. pts suffered from CVA use these special goggles to aid PTs with pt walking
    • Splints
    • Cognition
    • Co treat with PTs
  14. Speech Therapist
    • Cognition
    • Swallow evaluation
    • Improve ability to speak
    • Co treat with PTs
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