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  1. what are fallacies
    arguments that seem to make sense. Conclusion isnt supported by the premises
  2. Hasty generalization
    make assumption about group or range of cases based on a sample that is inadequate(usually because it is too small). Stereotypes about ppl (*librarians are smart, *wealthy people are snobs)
  3. Example of Hasty Generalization
    My roommate said her philosophy class is hard, and the one im in is hard too. All philosophy classes must be hard.
  4. Why is this a hasty generalization
    She has only had experience with two, not enough to make generalization
  5. What is Post Hoc (fasle cause)
    Lucky sock fallacy
    Assuming because B comes after A, A caused B. Saying one event caused another.
  6. Example of Post Hoc (false cause)
    Lucky Sock fallacy
    I wore these socks, and the eagles won, therefore my socks, caused the eagles to win.


    President Jones raised taxes and rate of crime went up. Jones is responsible for rise in crime
  7. Why is the a Post hoc (false cause)
    lucky sock fallacy (athletes)
    Just because something came before something else doesnt mean it corrilated or caused the situation
  8. What is Slippery Slope
    Arguer claims sort of chain reaction, usually in some dire consequence will take place, not enough evidence for that assumption.
  9. What is an example of Slippery Slope?
    If i go out thursday night, i will drink. If I start drinking then i will start smoking pot, that will lead to smoking cocaine, and then i will die. So i shouldnt go out on thursday night
  10. Why is this a Slippery Slope
    If you dont do the first thing it will never lead to all the other bad things to happen
  11. What is Weak Analogy?
    Arguments between two or more objects, ideas or situations. Two things being compared arent really alike in a relevant respect.
  12. Example of Weak Analogy
    Guns are like hammers - they're both tools with metal parts could be used to kill someone, but yet we are allowed to use hammers. We should be allowed to use guns.
  13. Appeal to Authority
    Add strength to our arguments by referring to respected source or authorities and explaining their position on the issue being discussed. Try to get the reader to agree with us by impression of famous name, who really isnt an expert
  14. Example of Appeal to Authority
    War is bad because Brittney Spears said so
  15. What is Ad Populum
    Meaning the people. Arguers take advantage of the desire most people have to be liked and to fit in wit others uses desire to try get audience acceptance. Bandwagon
  16. Example of Ad Populum
    Gay marrige is immortal. 70% of Americans think so


    Slavery is ok because most americans think so.
  17. Ad Hominem
    Attack against a person that has nothing to do with the argument.
  18. Example of Ad Hominem
    Andrea Dworkin has written several books arguing pornography harms women. But Dworkin is ugly so we shouldnt listen to her.
  19. False Dichotomy
    There are two choices, gives the impression one is right and one is wrong. When there are really more choices to the solution
  20. Example of False Dichotomy
    Caldwell Hall is in Bad shape. Either we tear it down and put up a new one or we continue to risk students safety.
  21. What is A
  22. What is E
    NO ARE....
  23. What is I
  24. What is O
    Some.....ARE NOT.....
  25. A&O as well as E&I do that to each other
    Controdict each other
  26. A&E each other
    The are Contraries....THEY BOTH CANT BE TRUE. BUT THEY BOTH CAN BE FALSE. If both are false one can not figure the solution to te whole issue
  27. I&O each other
    Subcontraries. They both cant be false. They both can be true
  28. A&I and E&O
    are subalternates. If universal is true they are easy to figure out
  29. When is circle shaded
  30. Shade the middle
  31. Put an X in the middle
  32. Put an X in the Subject
    O proposition
  33. AAA Sylogism
    • are p are q
    • all d are p
    • all d are q

    • or all w are t
    • all e are w
    • all e are t


    • all k are j
    • all f are k
    • all f and j
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