Chapter One Quiz Review

  1. What function did regional city-states play in the Tigris-Euphrates civilization?
    Political Organizations
  2. Sedentary Agriculture is a characteristic of
  3. What region developed the first writing system?
    Sumarians, Mesopotamians, Middle Easterns
  4. Where did the Neolithic Revolution begin?
    Middle East
  5. The main difference beteween Egypt and Mesopotamia was...
    Lasting/Enduring Civilizations
  6. A Noteable charateristic of the Hunting and Gathering societies was...
    They organized Small Groups into political units
  7. The most isolated of the early river civilizations was...
    Chinese (Yellow River Civilizations)
  8. Before civilizations, a notable characteristic of the human species was
    We survived, spread across the globe, and reproduced
  9. Why did the initail inhabitants of Australia not develop agriculture?
    They were too isolated
  10. The worlds first written law code was an achievement of the ___________ civilization
    Sumarians, Mesopotamians, Babylonians
  11. Why were metal tools preferred over stone tools
    • 1. Metal tools are sharper and more precise
    • 2. More accurate for use
    • 3. Great diversity in shapes
    • 4. Longer lasting/ More durable
  12. What tools were used during the Paleolithic Age?
    Simple stone tools
  13. Governments became more formal and bureaucratic when _______________ was developed
    Development of writing
  14. What was unique about the Jewish Monotheism?
    • 1. Forgiving God
    • &
    • 2. Less human-like OR More abstract
  15. _________________ River Valley suffered from numerous natural disasters?
    Indus River Valley
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