Sociology review

  1. Achieved Status
    Social position acquired through our own efforts or accomplishments or taken on voluntarily.
  2. Ascribed Status
    Social position acquired at birth or taken on involuntarily later in life.
  3. Coalition
    Subgroup of a triad, formed when two members unites against the third member.
  4. Conflict perspective
    Theoretical perspective that views the structure of society as a source of inequality, which always benefits some groups at the expense of other groups.
  5. Culture
    Language, values, beliefs, rules, behaviors, and artifacts that characterize a society.
  6. Dyad
    Group consisting of two members.
  7. Feminist perspective
    Theoretical perspective that focuses on gender as the most important source of conflict and inequality in social life.
  8. Globalzation
    Process through which peoples lives all around the world become economically, politically, environmentally, and culturally interconnected.
  9. Group
    Set of people who interact more or less regularly and who are conscious of their identity as a unit.
  10. In-groups
    Those groups we belong to and toward which we feel a sense of loyalty.
  11. Latent Function
    Unintended, unrecognized consequences of activities that help some part of the social system.
  12. Macro level
    Way of examining human life that focuses on the broad social forces and structural features of society that exist above the level on individual people.
  13. Manifest function
    Intended consequences of activities designed to help some part of the social system.
  14. Mirco level
    Way of examining human life that focuses on the immediate, everyday experiences of the individual.
  15. Norm
    Culturally defined standard or rule of conduct
  16. Organization
    Large complex networks of positions created for a specific purpose and characterized by a hierarchical division of labor.
  17. Primary Group
    Collections of individuals who are together over a relativity long period whose member have direct contact with and feel emotional attachment to one another.
  18. Role conflict
    Frustration people feel when the demands of one role that are expected to fulfill clash with the demands of another role.
  19. Role Strain
    Situations in which people lack the necessary resources to fulfill the demands of a particular role.
  20. Society
    Population of people living in the same geographic area who share a culture and a common identity and whose members fall under the same political authority.
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