Research Design

  1. Types of Research
    • Formal
    • Basic
    • Applied
    • Developmental
  2. Branch of statistics that applies statistical methods to medical and biological phenomena
  3. Statistics
    Methods and procedures that researchers apply to understand data
  4. The general field of disciplined investigation
  5. Research
    • The general field of disciplined investigation
    • Systematic approach to identify relationships of variables representing concepts AND/OR determining differences between or among groups in their standing on one or more variables of interest
  6. Type of research to refers to math and logic; no practical application
  7. Type of research which objective is to clarify the theory
    Formal Research
  8. Type of research that gathers data; has no practical application and develops new theories
    Basic Research
  9. Type of research that applies a model or theory to the environment
    Applied Research
  10. Type of research that develops a project. It can be theory driven, but does not result in a new theory
    Development Research
  11. Where can you find a research topic? (4)
    • Self-analysis
    • Interview expert
    • Literature review
    • Reference list
  12. Components of a research project report (10)
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Objective
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Limitations
    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Apendices
  13. Two major components of introduction
    • Statement of the problem
    • Literature review
  14. Label for an abstract idea or set of objects or events that share common characteristics and a common name
  15. Contructs
    Highly abstracts concepts
  16. Examples of constructs
    • Anxiety
    • Ego Strength
    • Leadership
    • Self-concept
  17. Representation of reality
  18. Representation or replica of a complex phenomenon typically communicated in a visual format
  19. Paradigma
    A set of assumptions, concepts, values and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality
  20. Types of research variables
    • Dependent
    • Independent
    • Confounding
    • Attribute
  21. Which variable is “the response, behavior or outcome that the researcher wants to predict or
    Dependent variable
  22. Which variable is the “stimulus or activity which is manipulated or varied by the researcher
    to create an effect on the dependent variable”?
    Independent variable
  23. Independent variable can also be called
    treatment OR experiment variable
  24. Data
    Information in numerical form that represents a certain characteristic of a group of individuals.
  25. Qualities, properties and/or characteristics identified in research problems that are to be identified, described and measured in a study
    Research variables
  26. Research variable also called effective variable or criterion measure
    Dependent variable
  27. Which variable can affect the measurement of the study variables & examination of the relationships within a study?
    Confounding variable aka extraneous or uncontrolled variable
  28. Which variable consists of characteristics or elements of the human subject that are collected to describe the sample?
    Attribute variables aka demographic variables
  29. Process that involves the development of conceptual definition and operational definition
    Operationalizing the variables
  30. Conceptual Definition
    Broad, abstract meaning of a concept
  31. Operational Definition:
    Describe how the variable will be measured
  32. Data can be...
    • Constant
    • Variable
  33. Statistics categories
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Inferential Statistics
  34. Define descriptive statistics
    Used to classify and summarize numerical data
  35. Define inferential statistics
    Procedures for making generalizations about a population by studying a sample from that population
  36. The characteristics of a population are called...
    Parameters (represented with Greek letters)
  37. The characteristics of a sample are called...
    Estimates (represented with Roman letters)
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