American Experience: Spanish American War

  1. Describe Teddy Roosevelt.
    A loyal person who wasn't ashamed to go fight in a war even with a high up government position. A very popular war figure.
  2. Expansionism
    The process of increasing US territory.
  3. Manifest Destiny
    The notion that the US was a superior country and had the right to invade, conquer and occupy the North American continent and beyond.
  4. What were the results of the war with Mexico for Mexico?
    $15 million for land and an additional $3.25 million for claims against Mexico.
  5. What were the results of the war with Mexico for the USA?
    The USA got nearly half of Mexico, including what is now considered California and Arizona for a considerable sum.
  6. Why did European countries choose to gain control of South American countries between 1861 and 1865?
    Because the country was at war (a house divided cannot stand).
  7. Explain the desire for American Expansioniam in terms of patriotism.
    Expansionism would spread American glory and prestige throughout the world.
  8. Explain the desire for American Expansionism in terms of morality.
    Many Americans considered their duty to expand and spread their religion, namely Christianity, throughout the world.
  9. Explain the desire for American Expansionism in terms of economics.
    We needed new economic markets. American businesses were making more than Americans could buy.
  10. What was Seward's Folly?
    Seward's Folly was what critics called Secretary of State Seward's purchase of Alaska because to them it seemed like a waste of money. However Alaska paid for itself many times over in natural resources such as gold, oil and the seal and whale trade.
  11. What impact did the Cuban Revolution have relating to the Spanish American war?
    Cubans wanted independance from Spain and were being treated inhumanely for their protests. This increased the Humanitarian aspect of a war with Spain. Many Americans identified with Cubans after their own revolution.
  12. What did the US gain from the Spanish American war?
    The US gained Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.
  13. What happened to the Philippines?
    The Philippines were kept under US rule because they were "unfit to rule themselves". In other words, the US really wanted all the natural resources in the Philippines for themselves.
  14. How was world opinion of the USA changed as a result of the Spanish American War?
    The USA was then seen as a great power equal to the powerful European nations such as England or Spain.
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