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  1. organized association of employees formed to further their common intrests
    a trade union
  2. to not keep up
    to lag
  3. each of the limbs on which a person stands
    a leg
  4. Noun: state or fact of not having something

    Verb: to be without
    Noun: a lack

    Verb: to lack
  5. Noun: orderly pile or heap

    Verb: to arrange one thing over another
    Noun: a stack

    Verb: to stack
  6. beleidigen
    to ofend
  7. to feel emotional or physical pain
    to suffer ( from )
  8. Noun: estimate public opinion made by questioning people

    Verb: receive as votes
    Noun: a poll

    Verb: to poll sb.
  9. to reprimand
    to tell sb. off
  10. to have an angry exchange of views
    to ( have an ) argument
  11. emergence of young from a mothers body
    Noun: ( to give ) birth
  12. Someone who cures your mental state
    a psychotherapist
  13. Someone who studys mental illnesses or processes
    a psychatrist
  14. kinderwagen
    Noun: prem, perambulator
  15. >> rich
    Adjective: affluent
  16. Vermögen
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