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  1. Cell growth and division:
    • The size of cells is limited because the more the cell grows the more it demands to its DNA. Also because the rate at which food and oxygen are used up and waste products are produced depends on the volume of the cell
    • So the larger the cell gets the more the ratio of S to V decreases
  2. Surface area:
    length x width x number of sides
  3. Volume:
    length x width x height
  4. Division of cell:
    before cell gets too big it divides forming 2 daughter cells. Before the cell division occurs there is a replication of DNA so that the daughter cells a exactly the same.
  5. Interphase:
    every cell division is seperated by interphase.
  6. G1:
    cell growth
  7. S:
    DNA replication
  8. G2:
    prepare for mitosis
  9. Mitosis:
    division of the cell nucleus. (Is divided into 4 phases)
  10. Prophase:
    chromosomes become visible. Centrioles seperate and take up positions on opposite sides of nucleus and spindle begins to form and nuclear envelope breaks down.
  11. Metaphase:
    chromosomes line up across the center cell and are connected to a spindle fiber at its centromere.
  12. Anaphase:
    chromosome's sister chromatids seperate into individual chromosomes and are moved apart
  13. Telephase:
    the chromosomes gather at opposite ends of cell and lose their distinct shapes. Two nuclear envelopes form.
  14. Cytokinesis:
    cytoplasm is pinched in half. Each daughter cell has an identical set of duplicate chromosomes.
  15. Cell cycle:
    series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide.
  16. Spindle:
    helps seperate chromosomes.
  17. Centromere:
    centerof chromosome
  18. Sister chromatid:
    2 sister chromatids attach at their centomere to make a chromosome. They are divided to make the new daughter cells.
  19. Cancer:
    disorder in which body's cells lose ability to control growth.
  20. Tumor:
    after cancer cells divide uncontrollably and form masses of cells.
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