8th Grade The Bishop's Candlestick

  1. affliction (n)
    a souce of continued physical or mental pain
  2. compassion (n)
    sorrow or pity for the suffering of another; sympathy
  3. despise (v)
    to look upon with contempt; to scorn
  4. dungeon (n)
    a dark prison, usually underground
  5. lash (n)
    a whip; a stroke with a whip
  6. passport (n)
    an official document permitting travel in a foreign country
  7. plank (n)
    a heavy, thick board
  8. refuge (n)
    a place of shelter or protection
  9. repentant (adj)
    feeling sorry for past actions and deciding to change one's life for the better
  10. salvation (n)
    act of saving or delivering from any evil; deliverance of a human soul from sin
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8th Grade The Bishop's Candlestick
8th Grade The Bishop's Candlestick