1. ignoble
    shameful in character
  2. goad
    to incute or motivate into action
  3. beleager
    surround in problems
  4. prosody
    scientific study of poety
  5. adumbrate
    to give sketchy representation, to foreshadow in vague way, to obscure
  6. manumit
    to set free from slavery
  7. lassitude
    state of weariness; disinterest
  8. gravitas
    high seriousness
  9. scrupulous
    abiding rules
  10. surcease
    to stop, end, cessation
  11. emblazen
    to deck in blazing colors, to decorate
  12. penitent
    remorseful, contrite
  13. retinue
    group of body guards
  14. redoubtable
    commanding, respect, evoking fear or alarm.
  15. eschew
    abstain from
  16. staid
    thrill seeker
  17. ostriperous
    aggressively loud
  18. vestige
    something thats no longer in existence
  19. garner
    to earn by owns one efforts
  20. stullify
    cause to feel ineffective
  21. contrite
    showing penance
  22. bordant
  23. umbrage
  24. imprecate
    to curse
  25. dither
    to act without clear purpose

    ant: hither
  26. inure
    accustom, to be accustomed to
  27. rejoinder
  28. pathogenic
    causing disease
  29. gauche
    lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward
  30. sapient
    discerning, sage
  31. interlocter
    someone who engages in dialoque
  32. profilgate
    one who is a spendthift, lewd imooral person
  33. ruminate
    to eat again, think over
  34. kistch
    art, by pretentious bad taste

    things from the kitchen
  35. hersuit
    covered with hair, bristles
  36. inviegle
    entice, ingenuity to obtain by flattery
  37. porterous
    • pompus
    • ominous
    • wonderful
  38. eldvitich
    weird and erie
  39. Eolion
    born, deposited, produced or eroded by wind
  40. scapegrace
    a mischievous or wayward person, esp. a young person or child; a rascal.
  41. abrogate
    repeal,revoke, rescind, repudiate, overturn, annul; Law disallow, cancel,invalidate, nullify, void, negate, dissolve, countermand, declare null and void, discontinue; reverse, retract, remove, withdraw, abolish, put an end to, do away with, get rid of, end, stop, quash, scrap; Lawdisaffirm. ANTONYMS institute, introduce.
  42. extirpate
    the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land: weed out, destroy, eradicate, stamp out, root out, wipe out, eliminate,suppress, crush, put down, put an end to, get rid of.
  43. sempiternal
    eternal and unchanging; everlasting
  44. solicitous
    she was always solicitous about the welfare of her students: concerned,caring, considerate, attentive, mindful, thoughtful, interested;anxious, worried; compassionate, humane.
  45. importunate
    troublesomely urgent, unreasonable solicitious
  46. extirpate
    utterly removed; determined
  47. leitmotif
    • dominant, reoccuring pattern
    • an element that is frequently repeated in a work and often serves as a guiding or central element within the work
  48. perspicacious
    • "his perspicacious advisers recommended caution" : discerning, shrewd, perceptive, astute, penetrating,, percipient, sharp-witted, clearsighted, farsighted, acute, clever, canny,intelligent, insightful, , discriminating;
    • ANTONYMS stupid.
  49. supernal
    • being in or coming from heavans
    • celestail
    • lofty or surpassing excellence
  50. evince
    to show in clear manner, manifest, bring to life
  51. plangent
    beating with a loud or deep sound, plaintiff, expressing sadness

    melancholy,mournful, plaintive; sonorous, resonant, loud.
  52. immure
    • enclose w/in walls, (muralla)
    • imprisn, intomb
  53. rara avis
    rare r unique person or thing
  54. rubicund
    red, rutty, inclining to redness
  55. perfidy
    act of violating faith, promise etc
  56. jejune
    naive, simplistic, dry & un interesting
  57. fatcotum
    person emplyoed to do all sorts of work.
  58. extirpate
    • to pull up by stem or root
    • destroy
    • take out by surgery
  59. uxorious
    excessively fond of or submissive to wife
  60. anodyne
    bland, inocuous, serving to relieve pain, disturbed feeling
  61. bootless
    unavailing, useless
  62. recreduscent
    breaking out again after temporary abatement or suppression
  63. perfervid
    ardent, impassioned
  64. cozen
    to cheat, defraud, decieve
  65. obtrude
    to force or impose something on someone in such a way
  66. coeval
    of the same age, orginating or existing at the same time
  67. halycon
    calm, quiet peacful
  68. aubade
    a poem or piece of music appropriate to the morning or dawn
  69. persiflage
    light and slightly contemptuous mockery or banter, frivolous or bantering talk
  70. obfuscate
    to darken or render difficult; to confuse or bewilder
  71. ribald
    referring to sexual matters in an amusingly rude or irreverent way; crude; characterized by vulgur humor
  72. monomaniac
    exaggerated or obsessive enthusiasm for or preoccupation with one thing.
  73. superneal
    • of or relating to the sky or the heavens; celestial.• of exceptional quality or extent
    • loft, of surpassing excellence
  74. rubicund
    red, rutty, inclining towards redness
  75. evince
    to show in a clear manner, manifest, bring to life
  76. plangent
    (of a sound) loud, reverberating, and often melancholy.

    melancholy,mournful, plaintive; sonorous, resonant, loud.
  77. immure
    enclose within walls, incarcerate, intomb in a wall.
  78. rara avis
    rare or unique person or thing
  79. onus
    burden of proof, stigma
  80. perfidy
    act of violating faith, promise
  81. callow
    • ANT: mature
    • immature, lacking adult experience or judgement
  82. imbue
    permeate, saturate,diffuse, suffuse, pervade, bathe, drench, steep; impregnate, inject,inculcate, ingrain, instill, invest, inspire, breathe; fill.

    tinge, dye deeply
  83. defenestrate
    • the action of throwing someone or something out of a window.
    • getting rid of something quickly
  84. lucre
    money, esp. when regarded as sordid or distasteful or gained in adishonorable way
  85. epigone
    a less distinguished follower or imitator of someone, esp. an artist orphilosopher
  86. nostrum
    medicine, patent medicine, potion,elixir, panacea, cure-all, wonder drug, quack remedy; informal magic bullet.

    magic formula, recipe for success, remedy, cure,prescription, answer.
  87. ignoramus
    an ignorant or stupid person.
  88. ergo
    therefore, consequently
  89. tocsin
    warning, ring of a bell for the purpose of alarm
  90. peregrination
    traveling or wandering around from place to place.
  91. denizen
    inhabitant, resident,townsman, townswoman, native, local; occupier, occupant, dweller;archaic burgher.
  92. flummox
    baffle, perplex, puzzle, bewilder, mystify, bemuse, confuse,confound; informal faze, stump, beat, fox, be all Greek to, floor,discombobulate.
  93. libation
    liquid offering, offering, tribute,oblation.

    2 humorous would you like a libation? (alcoholic) drink, beverage,liquid refreshment; dram, draft, nip, shot; informal tipple, nightcap,pick-me-up; archaic potation.
  94. tergiversation
    • 1 make conflicting or evasive statements; equivocate : the more she tergiversated, the greater grew the ardency of the reporters for an interview
    • .2 change one's loyalties; be apostate.
  95. termagant
    • 1 a harsh-tempered or overbearing woman.
    • 2 ( Termagant) historical an imaginary deity of violent and turbulent character, often appearing in morality plays.
  96. avoirdupois
    a system of weights based on a pound of 16 ounces or 7,000 grains,widely used in English-speaking countries
  97. fustian
    • 1 thick, durable twilled cloth with a short nap, usually dyed in dark colors.
    • 2 pompous or pretentious speech or writing : a smoke screen of fustian andfantasy.
  98. palaver
    fuss, commotion,trouble, rigmarole, folderol; informal song and dance, performance, to-do, carrying-on, hoo-ha, hullabaloo, ballyhoo

    prolonged and idle discussion :.
  99. dudgeon
    indignantly, resentfully, angrily, furiously; in a temper, in anger, with displeasure;
  100. rusticate
    • verb1 [ intrans. ] go to, live in, or spend time in the country.
    • 2 [ trans. ] fashion (masonry) in large blocks with sunk joints and aroughened surface : [as adj. ] ( rusticated) the stable block was built ofrusticated stone.
    • 3 [ trans. ] Brit. suspend (a student) from a university as a punishment (used chiefly at Oxford and Cambridge).
  101. coxcomb
    • 1 dated a vain and conceited man; a dandy.
    • 2 variant spelling of cockscomb (sense 2).
  102. pugalist
    boxer, fighter, prizefighter; informal bruiser, pug.
  103. sardonic
    • mocking, satirical, sarcastic, ironical, ironic;
    • cynical,scornful, contemptuous, derisive, derisory, sneering, jeering;
    • scathing,caustic, trenchant, cutting, sharp, acerbic.
  104. petulant
    • he's as petulant as a spoiled child:
    • peevish, querulous,pettish, fretful, cross, irritable, sulky, snappish, crotchety,,tetchy, testy, fractious, grumpy,,cranky.
    • ANTONYMS good-humored.
  105. contempt
    • 1 she regarded him with contempt:
    • scorn, disdain, disrespect, scornfulness,contemptuousness, derision;
    • disgust, loathing, hatred, abhorrence.ANTONYMS respect.

    • 2 he is guilty of contempt of court: disrespect, disregard, slighting.
    • ANTONYMS respect.
  106. habitue
    the habitués of Scully's Bar: frequent visitor, regular visitor, regular customer, regular client, regular patron, familiar face, regular,patron, frequenter, haunter.
  107. factitious
    specious, false, counterfeit, fraudulent, spurious, sham,, feigned,affected, pretended, contrived, ersatz;

    ANTONYMS genuine.
  108. bedaub
    literary "faces bedaubed with white paint"

    smear, daub, bespatter, spatter,splatter, cover, coat.
  109. bifurcate
    divide into two branches or forks
  110. contumacious
    (esp. of a defendant's behavior) stubbornly or willfully disobedient toauthority.
  111. firmament
    • the sky, heaven; the heavens, the skies; literary the empyrean, the welkin.
    • sphere of activity or interest
  112. perfunctary
    • done merely to carry out duty
    • cursory, desultory, hasty, hurried, fleeting, token, casual, superficial, careless, halfhearted,sketchy, mechanical, automatic, routine, offhand, inattentive.
    • ANTONYMS careful, thorough.
  113. fulminate
    • protest, rail against, vociferate against,declaim, inveigh against, condemn, criticize, censure, disparage,attack, execrate;
    • formal excoriate.
  114. sycophant
    • I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant:
    • yes-man,bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey,spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up.
  115. vitiate
    spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of : development programs have beenvitiated by the rise in population.
  116. purblind
    • having impaired or defective vision.
    • figurative slow or unable to understand; dim-witted.
  117. rebarbative
    serving or tending to irritate or repel

    unattractive and objectionable : rebarbative modern buildings.
  118. afflatus
    a divine imparting of knowledge and inspiration

    a divine creative impulse or inspiration.
  119. sunder
    to separate, to become disunited

    divide, split,cleave, separate, rend, sever, rive.
  120. compunction
    anxiety or deep unease processing from a sense of guilt or qualm, scruple

    scruples, misgivings, qualms,worries, unease, uneasiness, doubts, reluctance, reservations; guilt,regret, contrition, self-reproach.
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