nursing skills chpt 7

  1. relationship
    assoc. between two or more people
  2. four categories of client needs
    • 1. safe, effective care environment
    • 2. health promotion and maintainance
    • 3. phsychosocial integrity
    • 4. physio-logic integrity
  3. caregiver
    one who performs health-related activities that a sick person cannot perform independently
  4. empathy
    an intuitive AWARENESS of what a client is experiencing
  5. educator
    one who provides information
  6. collaborator
    one who works with others to achieve a common goal
  7. delegator
    • one who assigns a task to someone
    • NOTE: tasks must be delegated according to the person's knowledge and expertise
  8. introductory phase
    period of getting acquainted
  9. working phase
    period during which tasks are performed
  10. terminating phase
    • period when the relationship comes to an end
    • (when nurse and client agree that the client's immediate health problems have improved
  11. communication
    • exchange of information
    • make sure to give feedback indicating that the information was understood
  12. verbal communication
    communication that uses words
  13. therapeutic verbal communicator
    using words and gestures to accomplisha particular objective
  14. nonverbal communication
    exchange of information without using words---using body language and facial expressions
  15. kinesics
    body language.............gestures, posture, and body movements
  16. paralanguage
    vocal sounds that not actually words---such as drawing in a breath to indicate surprise
  17. proxemics
    use and relationship of space to communication
  18. intimate space
    within 6 inches
  19. personal space
    6 inches to 4 feet
  20. social space
    4 to 12 feet
  21. public space
    more than 12 feet
  22. touch
    tactile stimulus produced by making personal contact with another person or object
  23. task-oriented touch
    the personal contact required when performing nursing procedures
  24. affective touch
    used to demonstrate concern or affection
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