GRE 15

  1. accede
    v. agree
  2. alchemy
    n. medieval form of speculative thought that aimed to transform base matals (lead or copper) into silver or gold and to discover a means of prolonging life
  3. annals
    n. records; history
  4. argo
    n. slang
  5. avalanche
    n. great mass of falling snow and ice
  6. catechism
    n. book for religious instruction; instruction by question and answer
  7. circumvent
    v. outwit;baffle
  8. complicity
    n. involvement in a crime; participation
  9. contest
    v. dispute
  10. delineate
    v. portray; depict; sketch
  11. didactic
    adj. teaching; instructional
  12. distend
    v. expand; swell out
  13. eon
    n. long period of time; an age
  14. formidable
    adj. inspiring fear or apprehension; difficult; awe-inspiring
  15. gentry
    n. people of standing; class of people just below nobility
  16. guise
    n. appearance; costume
  17. implacable
    adj. incapable of being pacified
  18. insubstantial
    adj. lacking substance; insignificant; frail
  19. jettison
    v. throw overboard
  20. levity
    n. lack of seriousness or steadiness; frivolity
  21. malaise
    n. uneasiness; vague feeling of ill health
  22. mortician
    n. undertaker; 장의사
  23. nostrum
    n. questionable medicine
  24. opprobrium
    n. infamy; vilification
  25. paramount
    adj. foremost in importance; supreme
  26. plasticity
    n. ability to be molded
  27. rancor
    n. bitterness; hatred
  28. scanty
    adj. meager; insufficient
  29. sinecure
    n. well-paid position with little responsibility
  30. squat
    adj. stocky; short and thick
  31. supernumerary
    n. person or thing in excess of what is necessary; extra
  32. testator
    n. maker of a will
  33. trek
    n. travel; journey
  34. vestige
    n. trace; remains
  35. whelp
    n. young wolf, dog, tiger etc.
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