Broadcast Terms

  1. wire service
    subscribed to by newsrooms
  2. wire copy
    stories supplied by a wire service
  3. bulletin
    wire story breaking news
  4. news director
    in charge of news room decision making, guides news
  5. assignment editor
    determines which stories covered/logistics
  6. producer
    in charge of organizing a newscast
  7. boothing the show
    producer is in control room controlling a live newscast
  8. backtiming
    producer determines starting time from necessary ending time
  9. rundown
    producer has a list of stories in show in the order of appearance
  10. slug
    short title of news package/ story
  11. copy
    story done in house for local audience
  12. anchor
    person who reads the news on air
  13. reporter
    person sent out in the field to gather info
  14. lead
    first few sentences in a news story
  15. reader
    anchor who reads story without any video or sound
  16. toss
    when an anchor hands the story to a reporter
  17. dateline
    location reporter files story
  18. rip and read
    taking wire copy and not rewriting, only in a breaking news situation.
  19. voice over
    anchor reads over sounds of a scene
  20. natural "nat" sounds
    not reporter but ambient sound in the background
  21. SOT or sound on tape or actuality
    comment of a new source in and interview; aka sound bite
  22. incue
    first few words of anything (SOT, package...)
  23. outcue
    last few words of anything
  24. track
    sound/copy recorded by anchor or reporter before show
  25. package
    self contained story of tracks and SOTs
  26. TRT
    total running time of a package or SOT
  27. tagline
    final sentence read by a reporter (name, station, location...)
  28. tag
    read by anchor to close up a story
  29. backgrounding
    researching source/subject before gathering info
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