Den 102 Test!

  1. must be measured exactly by directions

    can be used under amalgam (as a base)

    has limited shelf life
    • Polycarboxylate Cement
    • (Durelon)
  2. What is the main component that is found in both zinc phosphate & Polycarboxylate?
    Zinc Oxide
  3. Do you need a protective insulating base/liner for
    Zinc Oxide Eugenol (ZOE)??
    • No, because it has a neutral pH
    • It's non-acidic & soothing on the pulp
  4. What material loses its shine & becomes stringy or form "cobwebs" if you extend the working time?
  5. What could someone use if their crown came off and they couldn't make it to the dentist?
    Baby powder & vaseline
  6. IRM is a Type Two Zoe & can last up to a year.

    How is it supplied?

  7. Zinc Phosphate Powder
    is available in what color shades?
    white, yellow, & gray
  8. What material (cement) is the toughest to clean off crowns?
    Polycarboxylate Cement
  9. Dental cements can be used as a thermal base under what?
  10. Zinc oxide is composed of?
    • Zinc Oxide
    • & a small amount of Magnesium Oxide
  11. How is Zinc Phosphate Cement supplied?
    Powder & Liquid
  12. How is ZOE supplied?
    Powder & a Liquid

    Two-paste system


  13. True or False

    Dental cements must be used a lone?
    False--They can be used in combination with other dental materials.
  14. What does Eugenol liquid contain?
    Oil of cloves
  15. How can you clean the inside of a gold crown?
    -Prophy Jet----air abrasion

  16. "dental office smell"
    where does that come from?
    The use of Eugenol liquid
  17. What does Type One Zinc Oxide Powder
    • Zinc Oxide
    • Zinc Acetate
    • Resin
    • & an Accelerator (activator)
  18. Although, ZOE may be mixed on a glass slab, what do we mix it on?
    Coated Mixing Pad with a METAL spatula
  19. When Zinc Phosphate is mixed to become doughy, putty-like what are we mixing to use as?
    A base
  20. What does "IRM" mean?
    Intermediate Restorative Material
  21. What is Type Two ZOE referred as?
    Intermediate Restorative
  22. How long can Type Two ZOE last?
    6-12 months
  23. Types of ZOE
    -Can be used as an insulated base
    -Can be used for a temp. cementation
    Two specific BRAND names.

  24. How is Tempax supplied?
    2 Pase System
  25. Type of ZINC PHOSPHATE

    -fine grain powder cementation
    Type One
  26. Why shouldn't you get ZOE near the gum?
    It irritates gum tissue
  27. Name some examples of why a patient may choose to use Type Two ZOE.
    Type Two Zoe: used if a tooth cannot be restored immediately.

    Examples: -away on vacation -employment (military)
  28. In what ways may Glass Ionomer be used in a dentist office?
    • -Cement
    • -Base
    • -For a filling
  29. Name two popular brands of Glass Ionomer.

  30. Glass Ionomer--

    final setting time?
    24 hours
  31. Eugenol acts as a _____________
    when mixed with powder.
  32. -Oldest cement used in dentistry

    -has low solubility which resists breakdown in the mouth
    Zinc Phosphate
  33. How would you know if Polycarboxylate Cement
    was expired?
    • really thick
    • sticky
    • discolored
  34. Polycarboxylate ONLY goes as a __________
    under a __________.

    & It is a mechanical bond.
    • Base
    • Restoration
  35. Name two brands of temporary cement.
    • Tempax
    • Tempbond
  36. Used for:
    temporary filling or permanent cementation

    -putty like & rolled into a ball
    Type Two Zoe
  37. Name two benefits of Glass Ionomer.
    • Releases fluoride
    • Nonirritating
  38. What is the brand name for Zinc Phosphate?
    Fleck's by Mizzy

    • It is a yellow powder
    • w/ a clear liquid
  39. What can you mix Glass Ionomer on?
    • paper mixing pad
    • cool glass slab
  40. What is the benefit of using a glass slab
    for mixing Glass Ionomer?
    It will retard (slow) working and/or setting time
  41. How is Polycarboxylate Cement LIQUID
    • Squeeze bottle
    • Calibrated Syringe
  42. What is the main component used in the liquid of
    Zinc Phosphate?
    Phosphoric Acid
  43. How is Temp Bond supplied?
    Two Tubes of Paste
  44. Explain the liquid used for
    Glass Ionomer.
    • It's an aqueous solution
    • of polyacrylic acid.
  45. Type of ZOE

    lacks strength & longevity?
    Type One
  46. Glass Ionomer

    setting time?
    mixing time?
    • app 5 minutes
    • 30-60 seconds
  47. Another name for a permanent cement?
  48. Glass Ionomer cement is strong enough to
    be a _________ ________.
    Supportive Base
  49. a NEWER cementation system.
    can either be self-curing or light-curing
    Glass Ionomer
  50. Type of Glass Ionomer
    -finer grain
    Used for:
    permanent cementation of crowns & bridges
    Also, orthodontic bonding
    Type One Glass Ionomer
  51. True or false

    Glass Ionomer Type One
    may be used for pit & fissure sealants.
  52. What is a luting agent?
    A cementlike substance used to seal surface.
  53. _____________ refers to the release of heat from a chemical reaction.
  54. What type of ZOE is used for permanent cementation?
  55. Can Glass Ionomer cements be used as a restoration?
    • Yes
    • Class 3 & Class 4
  56. Another name for temporary?
  57. ___________ __________ is easier to dispense & spatulate.
    Glass Ionomer

    It's not as viscous.
  58. What cement is similar to Glass Ionomer in strength?
    Zinc Phosphate
  59. What can IRM be used as?
    • temporary filling
    • or
    • temporary cement
  60. Type of Glass Ionomer

    -Coarser & supplied in a variety of shades to match tooth color
    Type Two Glass Ionomer
  61. What is Polycarboxylate Cement also known as?
    Zinc Polyacrylate Cement
  62. Type of Glass Ionomer

    -used for crown & core buildups
    Type Four Glass Ionomer
  63. How can Polycarboxylate Cement be used?
    • Permanent Cementation:
    • *crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, ortho. bands & brackets, & appliances
    • *insulating base
    • *temporary restoration
  64. A dental material that is used to temporarily or permanently hold an indirect restoration in place is a
  65. What does retard mean?
    To slow down the process of something
  66. How does Glass Ionomer bond to tooth structures?
    mechanically & chemically
  67. What "classes" could Glass Ionomer Type Two be used in?
    • Class 3 & Class 5
    • permanent restorations
  68. What is Glass Ionomer powder made with?
    It is a silicate glass powder:

    • *calcium
    • *aluminum (calcium fluoroaluminosilicate glass)
    • *fluoride
  69. Type of Glass Ionomer

    Used as a liner & dentin bonding agent
    Type 3
  70. True or False

    You shouldn't dispense Glass Ionomer liquid until prior use.
    • True-
    • It may evaporate.
  71. Type of ZOE

    Used for temporary cementation/ insulating base
    Type One ZOE
  72. Why is ZOE mixed on a coated parchment mixing pad?
    • To prevent Eugenol from soaking through;
    • -save clean-up time
  73. Name examples of how Zinc Phosphate could be used in a dentist office.
    • Permanent Cementation
    • crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, & orthodontic bands & brackets
  74. Used to CEMENT metallic restorations or PFM restorations to tooth structure.

    Core buildup material & High-Strength Liner
  75. The 1st cement that has the ability to chemically bond to the tooth structure.

    Polycarboxylate Cement
  76. What do you mix Polycarboxylate Cement on?
    • Either a glass slab or a paper mixing pad
    • using a metal spatula
  77. How does Polycarboxylate bond?
    -Mechanically---to restorations

    -Chemically---to tooth structure
  78. Does Polycarboxylate produce an exothermic reaction?
  79. What is Polycarboxylate's "setting time"?
    3-5 minutes
  80. *Temporary Restoration
    *Temporary Cementation
    *Low-strength base
    *Root canal sealer
  81. Zinc Phosphate can be used under amalgam as?
    an insulating base
  82. *Permanent Cementation
    *Temporary Restoration
    *High-Strength Base
    Polycarboxylate Cement
  83. As a cement it is most frequently used as a temporary cement, or to cement stainless steel crowns on deciduous teeth.
  84. Zinc Oxide Eugenol is a traditional form of temporary filling used either by itself, or in conjunction with ......
    an acrylic powder (IRM)
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