Psych test 2

  1. the most comprehensive sex education programs were
    those in which the school and parents wrkd together in dev the program
  2. which statement below regarding virginity pledge cards is true
    a teen who has signd a pledge card is less likely to use contraception then a teen who has not made such a pledge
  3. which statement is tru regarding effects of sexuality education program
    comprensive sex ed programs have been most successful in helping adolescents postpone sexual intercorse and in protecting them from STI /unintended pregos
  4. comprensive sex ed
    tries to help students dev postive view, provides an opp for youth to dev interpersonal/comm skils, teaches factural info about prevetning STI/UwE
  5. what portion of STIs occur in 15-24 yr olds each year
  6. what parental factor is not related to adolescents delaying first sex
    heterosexual orientation of both parents
  7. what % of HS students indicate they are unsure bout ther sex ori
  8. what reasons did the national health and social life survey receive from males and feamles about having intercours for the first time
    men freq. mentioned curiosity as ther reason while women more freq. mentioned affection for their partner
  9. the avg age of first sex
  10. which of the following statements regarding adolescents and oral sex is tru
    more non virgin teens reported egaging in oral than virgin teens
  11. by the end of HS which type of relationship is rated as the most important relationship
    relationship with best friend
  12. what % of college students reported sexual sibling contact b4 age 13
  13. how does the suicide rate for youth who are gay or lesbian compare to the rate for youth who are stright
    it is higher for both gays and lesbians than it is for strights
  14. regarding same sex frends
    by early adolescence affective qualites become more important than activity based friendships
  15. which type of girls tend to feel more attractive and pos about ther bodies
    girls who feel that the onset of ther menstra occured on time
  16. which of the following statements regarding adolescense is false
    adolescense always ends by 18
  17. regarding sibling sex what is most tru
    sibling sex is most likely harmful when ther is a large sibling age difference or when coercion
  18. according to kinsey % of men and % of women rememberd some kind of sex play in the preadolsecent years
    57, 46
  19. what is tru regarding female puberty
    internal changes may begin as soon as 6,7
  20. semnarche refers to ...
    first ejaculation in boys
  21. what % of mothers in one study reported that ther children under age 6 touched themselves
  22. childrends understanding that they wont become a person of the other sex at some point in the future is called
    gender constancy
  23. what is the anme of the researcher made famous by his experiments with resus monkeys
  24. kinsey found that about one half of 3-4 yeard old boys could
    experience the muscular contraction of orgasms but not ejack
  25. what is oxytocin
    a hormone that stimulates the relase of milk during nursing
  26. which is not a study sponsered by the US gov't that examined adolescent sex behavior
    the national healthy adolsecent life style survey
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