Religion Unit 1

  1. Jesus acted as a Mediator, or____
    a go-between
  2. Matthew's Gospel focases on _____
  3. Obedience makes _____ a model of faith and charity
  4. Both John and Genisis begin with the words _____
    "In the beginning."
  5. Took care of World War I victoms and the patron Saint of Sudan.
  6. Saint Josephine Bakhita
  7. What did the Devil promise Jesus if he worshiped him.
  8. The sign of our call to carry out the responsibility of being a Catholic.
    Holy Oil
  9. The Holy Spirit came to Jesus when he was being _____
  10. Visible signs of his presence and God's action in our lives
  11. Willingly doing wrong, even if we think it is right.
  12. Sacred objects, actions, and prayers associated with them that help awaken us to God's life within us.
  13. Saying God's name in a bad way.
  14. a body of stories that has been passed won by word of mouth
    oral tradition
  15. Founded the Missionaries of Charity
    Mother Teresa
  16. Who baptized Jesus?
    John the Baptist.
  17. The Lord's Prayer is ______
    Vocal Prayer
  18. Jesus prayed in the Desert before
    public ministry
  19. an enticement or pressure to turn away from God through sinful thoughts, words, or actions.
  20. A type of prayer in which we are silent and concentrate on listening to God through our feelings, imagination, and thourhgts. Thinking about Go'ds presence in our lives.
  21. Prayer without the need for images, words, or thoughts; it is resting in God's presence
  22. God's son becoming man, one like us, Jesus Christ, who is both human and divine
  23. The gift of sharing in God's divine life that we receive at Baptism, which frees us from sin.
    baptismal grace
  24. freedon from the pain of sin and assurance permanent union with God.
  25. a serious act against God's law, done purposely. It separates us from God's grace. It normally requires the sacrament of Reconciliation to be forgiven.
    Mortal Sin
  26. weakens our relationship with God and the church community.
    Venial Sin
  27. "God's annointed one" or "Savior", person chosten to save people from a particular fate. Jesus is this, the One promised to deliver all people from sin.
  28. What does Jesus' name mean?
    God Saves
  29. The Devil asked Jesus to prove to him that He was _____
    The Son of God
  30. Means Jesus is our God
    Light of the World
  31. A title of Jesus in Handels Messiah.
    King of Kings
  32. Gives us the gift of faith so that we can believe in the mystery of the Incarnation and respond to God's love.
    The Holy Spirit
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