Later People of the Fertile Crescent

  1. Babylonians
    ________ .... many attacks to Ur... Ur was in ruins
    ________... Babylon had a powerful country (Baghdad, Irak)
    • 2000 BC
    • 1800 BC
  2. Hammurabi (________ - ______)
    King of _______ .... Conquered all of_____
    • 1792 - 1750 BC
    • Babylon, Mezopotamia
  3. Hammurabi code:
    __________ for ___________
    eye, eye
  4. Hammurabi
    - skilled on _________
    - _________ invented
    -used the money for buildings and ______
    • battlefield
    • zodiac
    • irrigation
  5. Hammurabi's code
    He wrote a code of laws, trade, theft, marriage
    -each one had a specific ______
    -social class did matter
    -it was written
  6. after hammurabi's dead Babylonian power declined...
  7. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    Hittites: had a strong kingdom on ___________ They had advantages such as:
    • asia minor, today, Turkey
    • -they mastered iron-working, and they had chariots
  8. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    Kassites: captured _______ 1550 BC..... they ruled ____years
    babylon, 400
  9. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    Assyrians... had always wanted to stablish their own kingdom... campaign of conquest and expansion with cruelty
    _____BC.... they began to conquer the __________
    900, fertile cresent
  10. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    Assyrians conquered because they had advantages such as:
    • They had iron weapons
    • giant war machines
    • organized army
    • fierce in battle
  11. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    assyrians leaders demanded taxes, built roads, raised troops. their capital was:
  12. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    assyrians: 625 BC wars started over __________, the empire was weak
    who should rule
  13. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    Chaldeans: attacked assyrians ______BC.... new empire
    -most important king
    -turned________into a beautiful city
    -hanging gardens
    612, babylon
  14. Invasions of Mezopotamia
    Chaldeans achievements:
    -studied ________ language
    -built _____ to sumerian gods
    center of ________
    calendar, geometry
    sumerian, temples, astronomy
  15. The Phoenicians
    phoenicia: along the _______________ (lebanon)
    mediterranean sea
  16. The Phoenicians
    -Geographical problem:
    -north & east: __________________
    • bordered by mountains
    • mediterranean sea
    • hostile neighbors
  17. The Phoenicians:
    Resources: cedar, silver work, ivory carvings, slaves, purple fabric, glass hems
    Founded colonies: ___________
    main achievement: __________
    • *Trade = expert sailors
    • carthage
    • alphabet
  18. Babylon
    city that was located on the Euphrates
  19. Hammurabi's code:
    set of 282 laws that dealt with almost every part of daily life
  20. chariot
    a wheeles, horsedrawn cart used in battle
  21. alphabet
    a set of letters that can be combined to form words
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