Middle Ages World History Test

  1. clovis
    • -1st frank leader to unite all of the franks
    • -converted to christianity
    • -allied with the church to spread christianity
  2. Charles Martel
    • -Clovis's son
    • -Charles the hammer
    • -won the battle of tours & drove the muslims out of spain and prevented them from turnign Euro. muslim
  3. Pepin the Short
    • -Charles Martels son
    • -defended the pope from invaders and was named king by the pope
    • -beginning of Carolingian empire
  4. Charlemagne
    • -Pepins son
    • -Means Charles the Great
    • -Named emporer by the pope and had an empire the covered all of France and much of Spain and Germany
    • -effective leader who provided a model of leadership through delegation
  5. Lord
    -head of a manor
  6. Fief
    -land grant given by a lord
  7. Vassel
    -recieves a land grant, fief, from a lord
  8. Feudalism
    • -A social, economic, and military system based on trading land for loyalty and service
    • -protection from vikings
    • -a lord gave a land grant called a fief to a vassel in exchange for a promise of military service and a portion of their crops as taxes
  9. Knight
    • -age 21
    • -had to be nobility
    • -fought for 40 days out of year for a lord
    • -rest of time spent competing in tournaments and running a manor
  10. Chivalry
    • -knights were expected to live by a code of conduct called chivalry
    • -called them for fight for god, women, and their fuetal lord
  11. Lay Investiture
    -kings and nobles appoint church officials
  12. Church Hierarchy
    • -Pope
    • -Bishops
    • -Priests
  13. Cathedrals
    -meant to rep. gods majesty on earth
  14. Gothic Architecture
    -bright, colorful, big, spacious
  15. Saladin
    • -muslim army leader
    • -fought in the third crusade
  16. Spanish Inquisition
    • -developed to judge, torture, and execute or deport all jews, muslims, and heretics (ppl that went against church)
    • -only was to avoid exec. or deportation was to recant beliefs or convert to christianity
    • -Ferdinand & Isabella
  17. Holy Land
    • -Jerusalem
    • -fought over during crusades
  18. Excommunication
    -could not do sacraments and went to hell
  19. Canon Law
    • -church laws
    • -communion, baptism, last rights, confession, conformation, tithing, etc.
    • -if you did not follow=excommunication
  20. Crusades
    -series of wars fought btwn. christians & muslims over holy land-jerusalem, Israel
  21. 1st Crusade
    • -Euro.s were unprepared to fight
    • -began with 50-60000 soldiers, 12-15000 made it
    • -no overall leader, plan, supplies, or knowledge of area
    • -despite all problems they still reclaimed holy land from muslims
  22. 2nd Crusade
    -Christians lost control of Edessa, they go to recapture it & Muslims capture Jerusalem and keep Edessa
  23. 3rd Crusade
    • -Btwn. Richard the Lion Heart and Saladin
    • -both sides fight well and end in truce
    • -Muslims control Jerusalem, but Christians can come and go freely
  24. 4th Crusade
    • -Christians lose focus and burn and loot Canstantinople
    • -split church in 2-western side=catholic in rome, Eastern Orthodox in Constantinople
  25. Richard the Lion Heart
    • -fought saladin in the 3rd crusade
    • -ended in truce
  26. Monks
    • -church officials not affiliated with single church
    • -agreed to take vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience
    • -secluded away from society in Monestaries
  27. Friars
    • -church officials not affiliated with single church
    • -agreed to take vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience
    • -traveled from town-town preaching
  28. Battle of Tours
    -drove muslims out of Spain
  29. Stages of Knighthood
    • -Page
    • age 7
    • manors, strategy, and play games to develope mind and body
    • -Squire
    • age 14
    • knights assistant, take care of horse, armor, & weapons
    • -Knight
  30. Romanesque Architecture
    -dull, dark, gloomy
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