Ch. 3 Grammar

  1. Perfect Indicative Active - I have educated
    • -α -αμεν
    • -ας -ατε
    • -ε(ν) -ᾱσι(ν)
  2. Pluperfect Indicative Active- I had educated
    • -η -εμεν
    • -ης -ετε
    • -ει(ν) -εσαν

    4 PP with augment
  3. Perfect Infinitive Active- to have educated
    • -έναι
    • Always accented on penult.
  4. Present/Aorist Subjunctive Active
    • -ω -ωμεν
    • -ῃς -ητε
    • -ῃ -ωσι(ν)

    For aorist, use unaugmented 3rd PP
  5. Present Optative Active
    • -οιμι -οιμεν
    • -οις -οιτε
    • -οι -οιεν

    3rd person sing. is long for accentuation.
  6. Aorist Optative Active
    • -αι -αιμεν
    • -αις -ειας -αιτε
    • -αι -ειε(ν) -αιεν -ειαν

    3rd person singular is long for accentuation.
  7. Primary tenses:
    are those which refer to the Present and Future time; the present, future, perfect, and future perfect tenses.
  8. Secondary Tenses:
    are those which refer to the past time; the imporfect, aorist, and pluperfect tenses.
  9. Primary Sequence:
    Primary tense indicative governs a subjunctive in the dependent clause.
  10. Secondary Sequence:
    Secondary tense indicative governs an optative in the dependent clause.
  11. Purpose Clauses are introduced by:
    ἵνα, ὡς, ὅπως or ὅπως μή which means, "In order that... not, lest."
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