1. What are the external dimensions of the CRJ-700?
  2. 107 ft long x 77 ft wide x 25 ft high
  3. What powerplant is installed on the CRJ-700?
  4. CF34-8C5
  5. What is the turning diameter of the CRJ-700?
  6. 118 ft
  7. What is the minimum pavement width for a 180 turn?
  8. 75 ft
  9. Which doors are not monitored from the cockpit?
  10. The cockpit escape hatch and the Aft Equipment Bay door
  11. What are the emergency exits on the CRJ-700?
  12. Cockpit escape hatch
    • Passenger entry door
    • Galley service door
    • Left window exit
    • Right window exit
  13. What is the maximum load on the passenger entry door?
  14. 1000 pounds or 4 passengers
  15. How is closing of the passenger door entry accomplished with no electrical power available?
  16. It can be physically raised from the exterior or pulled up from the aircraft interior.
  17. How are the integral stair lights activated that are installed in the passenger entry door stairs?
  18. The air stair lights are controlled by a switchlight located on the forward flight attendant control panel identified as entrance lights. The switch must be selected to the "on" position and intensity set to "BRT" for the stair lights to illuminate.
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