British Literature (Beowulf) lines 2190-end

  1. What does Hygelac do once Beowulf has defeated Grendel's mother?
    He presents Beowulf with many gifts.
  2. What happens once Hygelac dies?
    Beowulf becomes king for 50 years.
  3. What is happens once Beowulf has been king for 50 years?
    Someone breaks into a hidden treasure trove and angers the guard, a dragon, in the process.
  4. What does the dragon do once it is upset?
    It causes trouble for the Geats which makes Beowulf anxious.
  5. What is Beowulf's decision once he heard of the dragon?
    To fight the dragon one on one.
  6. Who leads Beowulf and his men to where the dragon guards the treasure?
    The accidental thief.
  7. What does Beowulf say before he goes in to fight the dragon, in his last boast?
    He says he will fight the dragon for the glory of winning.
  8. What is one major distinction between this fight and the one with Grendel, regarding Beowulf's attire?
    Beowulf does decide to wear chainmail and bring a sword and shield when he fights the dragon because the dragon is more dangerous and powerful the Grendel was.
  9. What happens when Beowulf starts to fight?
    His sword fails him; later it snaps.
  10. How do Beowulf's men react to the fight?
    Everyone except for Wiglaf run for their lives.
  11. What does Wiglaf do after Beowulf had just begun to fight the dragon?
    First he scolded the other men for not being loyal to their lord before he rushed to help Beowulf.
  12. How does the dragon injure Beowulf?
    The dragon bites Beowulf's neck.
  13. Who strikes the dragon with the fatal blow?
  14. After the fight, what does Beowulf know?
    That he is dying.
  15. What is Beowulf's first request of Wiglaf once the fight is over? Does Wiglaf comply?
    To see some of the gold; yes.
  16. What else does Beowulf say to Wiglaf?
    Beowulf tells Wiglaf he will be king and instructs him on how to commemorate his lord.
  17. What does Beowulf give Wiglaf?
    His gold collar, warshirt and guilded helmet.
  18. What does Wiglaf do once Beowulf is dead?
    Rebuke those who deserted Beowulf in his time of need.
  19. How does word get out that Beowulf is dead?
    Through a messenger.
  20. What happens once all realize Beowulf is dead?
    A funeral pyre is prepared
  21. How do people feel about Beowulf's death?
    They are distraught and worried about the future.
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