Chapter 4 bio test(parts of cell)

  1. What is the plasma membrane?
    • protects inside of cell, regulates what get in and out. made of phospholipids.
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  2. what is the cytoplasm?
    fluid and organelles. (everything inside a cell)
  3. whats is a nucleus?
    control center of cell, contains DNA
  4. what is the cell wall?
    rigid outer shell of plant, bacterial fungi
  5. what is the nuclelous?
    produces parts of ribosomes
  6. What are ribosomes?
    make protien
  7. what is the rough ER?
    "highway system" makes new membrane and parts
  8. what is the smooth ER?
    produces lipids
  9. what is the Golgi App.?
    "warehouse" shipping center, (make protiens). ships packages materials
  10. what is the transport vesicle?
    transports materials from one place to another
  11. What are Lysosomes?
    they break down material, enzymes
  12. what is a vacoule?
    storage bag, often stores water
  13. what is a chloroplast?
    does photosynthesis (
  14. what is mitochondria?
    uses oxygen to convert sugar into energy
  15. what is cytoskeloton?
    gives cell internal structure and support
  16. what is cillia?
    hairs for substance circulation or locomation
  17. what is a centriole?
    it regulates cell division
  18. what is pseudopodia?
    "false feet" of oozing cytoplasm for locomotion; also involved in eating
  19. what is flagellum?
    whip-like structure used for movement
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