1. To hold the office of President of the United States is a very stressful, busy, yet fulfilling duty.

    Though the President has many friends and advisors to guide him, the burden of
    responsibility and the many decisions the president makes to run our country is
    a sacrifice that I highly admire.
  2. If I were President, a few things I would change for example,
    would be to establish a new tax law on cigarettes called the “cigarette litter law”.

    A $1 fee on each pack of cigarettes would go to help clean up the city streets.

    How many times have you looked down to see cigarette butts
    lying in the street or see someone throwing them out the window of a car?
  3. I also would allow Prayer and hanging crosses back into our public school system.
    Our country is based on Christianity.

    We have “in God we Trust” on our dollar bills, and in the lyrics of our National Anthem.

    We pledge our allegiance to our Flag, that we are one nation under God.
  4. I have patience, understanding and compassion,
    and these traits are needed to help the American People.

    So as president I would make sure that all Americans can afford health care.

    No one would be denied coverage, even if they
    have previous illnesses like diabetes or cancer.
  5. The benefits of having free or low cost heath care are that more jobs would be
    available to doctors.

    More hospitals would need to be built, creating jobs
    for the construction workers, electricians, plumbers and any other building
  6. In the famous words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” I would, as President
    Fearlessly and courageously fight to make America a greener and healthier
  7. I know that my faith in God would help guide me in making the correct decisions.

    But, the best thing I would get to do if I were President, would be to have other
    people write my speeches.
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