EAWS: 103 Aircraft Handling Fundamentals

  1. State the reason why electrical power is required when folding the tail rotor pylon.
    May result in high speed "wind-milling" of tail rotor and cause bent/broken extension shaft or housing on TRB positioning actuator.
  2. State the wind restrictions for folding the main rotor blades and tail rotor pylon.
    45 knots.
  3. State the position ofthe stabilator during tow/park of a helicopter.
    Position stab with slew switch until stab is in level position, 0 degrees.
  4. State the location of tie-down fittings on the MH-60S.
    Tie-down fittings are installed at six points on the helicopter, 1 on each main landing gear wheel hub and 1 high point above the strut one each side of the aircraft. Two more fittings are attached on the aft tail-cone section above the tail wheel, one on each side.
  5. State the ground receptacle locations and proper procedures for aircraft grounding.
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EAWS: 103 Aircraft Handling Fundamentals
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