Vocab Unit 2

  1. complicity
    involvement as an accomplice in a crime
  2. deploy
    to station systematically over an area
  3. explicate
    to explain, make clear
  4. implicate
    to involve or connect incriminatingly
  5. implicit
    implied although not expressed
  6. inexplicable
    incapable of being explained
  7. plight
    a condition of difficulty
  8. replica
    a copy
  9. replicate
    to copy
  10. supple
    easily bent
  11. aspersion
    a damaging or false statement
  12. deprecate
    to express disapproval of
  13. deride
    to laugh at in scorn
  14. execrable
    very bad, shitty
  15. ostracize
    to banish or exclude
  16. rebuke
    to criticize or repreimand sharply
  17. scurrilous
    expressed in vulgour language
  18. spurn
    to reject or refuse disdainfully
  19. vitriolic
    bitterly severe, harsh
  20. vituperation
    a sustained and bitter attack
  21. accommodating
    willing to help
  22. accord
  23. acquiesce
    to consent or comply passively
  24. adament
    firm and unyielding in purpse or opinion
  25. camaraderie
    a spirit of loyalty among friends
  26. compliance
    doing as others wish
  27. propitiate
    to prevent or reduce the anger of
  28. tractable
    easily managed or controlled
  29. volition
    an act of willing, voluntary
  30. willfulness
    unreasonable stubborness
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