physics electricity

  1. Electricity is produced by ___
    Electric current which requires power source and wires
  2. Series and Parallel circuits
    • Series
    • current flow is the same
    • single loop

    • Parallel
    • current flow may be different,
    • current flowing through each branch is lower than the current from source
  3. Current
    • Rate of flow of electric charge
    • measured in A amperes using a ammeter must be connected in a seriesImage Upload 2
    • recorded to 2 decimal places
    • V/R= I (current = voltage/resistance).
  4. Voltage
    • amount of energy needed to move one unit charge of electricity
    • measured in volts (V) using voltmeter
    • Image Upload 4
    • must be in a parallel circuit
    • recorded to 2 decimal places
    • V= R/ I ( resistance/ current = voltage).
  5. resistance
    • resist the flow of current
    • in ohms Ω
    • V / I = R (voltage / current = resistance).

    • total resistance in series
    • RT= R1+R2+R3...

    • Total resistance in parallel
    • Image Upload 6
  6. Power
    • P= voltage*current
    • measured in watts
  7. Electrical energy
    • electrical energy= power (watts) * time (seconds)
    • or voltage* current * time
    • Measured in joules J
  8. energy consumed and Cost of electricity
    • 1000W = 1kW
    • energy consumed(kWh) = power(kilowatt/ kW)* time(hour)
    • Cost = energy consumed(kWh) * cost per unit
  9. Hazards
    Frayed wire - insulation torn. Electric shock

    Overloading - Fire

    using wet appliances - Electric shock
  10. why is fuse near the live wire?
    live wire is of high voltage. if it goes over the voltage, the fuse will melt, thus it will be a open circuit with no electric current flowing
  11. Chemical effects
    • electrolysis
    • decomposition of compound by an electric current
    • used to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen
    • oxygen at positive and hydrogen at negative

    • electroplating
    • used to coat an object with a thin layer of material usually metal so that appearances are improved or to protect it from corrosion
    • material is at positive
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