Physics light reflection and refraction

  1. Definition: Regular and Diffused reflection
    • bouncing of light off the surface.
    • angle of incidence is always equal to angle of reflection when light falls on a smooth surface. A regular reflection is produced.
    • incident ray, reflected ray and normal lies on the same plane

    • Regular reflection
    • clear and undistorted

    • diffused reflection
    • light falls on a rough surface and light is bounced off in different angles
  2. Image formed by a plane mirror
    • upright
    • same size
    • laterally inverted
    • object distance is equal to image distance
    • virtual
    • eg. side mirrors and periscope
  3. Convex mirrors
    • curves outwards
    • make things look smaller
    • eg, blind corner mirror
  4. Concave mirrors
    • curve inwards
    • make things look bigger
    • eg cosmetic mirrors, microscope
  5. Definition: Refraction
    bending of light as it passes from one medium to another
  6. Less dense to denser (air to water)
    Speed slows on, thus refracted ray bend towards normal
  7. denser to less dense (water to air)
    speed of light speeds up thus, refracted ray bends away from normal
  8. snells' law (to find out refractive index or angles)
    nrefractive index of incident medium sin i incident angle = n refractive index of refracted medium sin r refracted angle
  9. to remove sin
    multiply sin-1 to the other side
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Physics light reflection and refraction
Physics light reflection and refraction