Chapter four

  1. The birth process involves________ stages, the final culminating with teh expulsion of the umbilical cord and the placenta.
    b. Three
  2. Preston was relatively healthy at birth and had a(n)________ score of 8.
    c. apgar
  3. Willard and his wife were concerned that their neworn was taken from teh delivery room before they had a change to establish any type of close physical and emotional contact with their son immediatlely following his birth. Willard and his wife are concrened about their___________ with their son.
    b. bonding
  4. Maria decided that wanted an anesthesia for th birth of her first child. After consulting her doctor, she decided on a dual spinal or a ___________ because she wouls till be able to move about freely during labor.
    d. waking epidural
  5. sylvie just recently gave birth to a daughter who weighed just 5 pounds at birth. Although she was born on her due date, the doctors classified her as
    d; small for gestational age
  6. The number of cesearean deliveries has soared in the united states. according to the textbook, which of the following is a contributor to the rapid rise in Cesearean delivieres
    d: fetal monitors
  7. the factor most closely linked to infant mortality is
    a. low-birthweight
  8. for some new mothers the time after the birth of their child is marked bya period of depression, a pervasive feeling of sadness and unhappyness also known as
    c. postpardom depression
  9. all of the follwing are ways that newborns learn except
    • a habituation
    • b classical conditioning
    • c operant conditiong
  10. An example of the earliest forms of social interaction between parent and infant involves the regulation of the infants_________, different degrees of sleep and wakefulness
    b. states of arousal
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