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  1. Privy Council
    advisers of the King of England who set policies governing the American colonies.
  2. Parliament
    Lawmaking body of England
  3. governor
    chief executive of an English
  4. assembly
    lawmaking body elected by the people
  5. legislature
    elected body given the responsibility of making law.
  6. town meeting
    gathering of towns people act upon town business; early form of government esp. in New England
  7. county court
    local government in the southern colonies
  8. justice of the peace
    chief official of county court in the South
  9. Sons of Liberty
    organized on the idea of no taxation without representation
  10. Samuel Adams
    was a radical who helped found the sons of liberty and was the author of the circular letter
  11. John Adams
    was cousin of Sam Adams. Lawyer who helped defend the soldiers in the Boston Massacre.
  12. Charles Townsend
    Englishmen for whom tax laws were named for.
  13. Paul Revere
    made a famous engraving of the Boston Massacre; also made famous The British are coming
  14. Stamp Act
    British law that placed a tax on all printed matter in the colonies.
  15. Sons of Liberty
    Patriot groups that fought against British author in the American colonies
  16. Townsend Acts
    British laws of 1767 that imposed taxes on colonial imports to pay British debts
  17. Tarriffs
    tax on imports; in some countries also place on exports
  18. Indirect taxes
    tax on imports that was collected from shippers and paid by consumers in the form of higher prices
  19. Circular letters
    Plea issued by the Massachusettes legislature to other colonial assemblies that all colonists act together to resist taxation without representation
  20. sugar act
    law passed in 1764 which taxed the colonists imports of sugar, wine, and coffee
  21. duties
    tariff or tax placed on foreign goods brought into the country.
  22. taxation without representation
    argument by colonists that they were taxed by the British without being represented by parliament
  23. Boston Massacre
    incident between British soldiers and American in 1770 Boston in which several Americans were killed
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