IR Exam 1

  1. What is the theory of being and what exists?
  2. What is the theory of the quantifiable matters (money, military, economy)
    Materialist Ontology
  3. What is the theory of things that can't be quantified (culture, power, ideas)
    Idealist Ontology
  4. What is the study of knowledge concerned with the nature, scope, and limitations of things we know?
  5. What is the term used for when nations pass on the responsibility of checking an aggressive state in hopes that another nation will do it?
  6. Who's argument about war says "war is an invention due to the aggressive behavior and pursuit of things by people who wanted too much." This person also says that war is inevitable in our current social system and can be eliminated if our social system is changed to one where
    Margaret Mead
  7. Which Zapotec community has low aggresion?
    La Paz
  8. Which Zapotec community has high aggression?
    San Andreas
  9. What are the 5 assumptions of structural realism that pertain to why states pursue power?
    • 1) Anarchy: No centralized authority so noone can tell them what to do
    • 2) Security: States try to attain as much resources as possible
    • 3) Uncertainty: of other's intents
    • 4) Survival: this the primary goal of most states and must do whatever is needed to assure it
    • 5) States are rational actors
  10. What is explaining more with less?
  11. What is the problem when someone gets a gun and you must get a gun to protect yourself, it is called the...
    Security dilema
  12. This is a state that is fine with the order of power and believes the international system is right and just. (usually the most powerful)
    Status-quo State
  13. When a state believes their ideology is right and is willing to intervene in other foreign policies to make them more like theirs it is called...
  14. 2nd Debate where scholars decided to study IR using scientific methods like collected data and observations that then become theories.
    Behavioralist revolution
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