1. LAN stands for:
    Local Area Network
  2. A browser is used to view:
    Web-based pages and documents
  3. The "ROM" in "CD-ROM" stands for:
    Read-only memory
  4. The software vehicle, the messages, and the content presented on a computer or television screen together make up:
    A multimedia project
  5. A project that is shipped or sold to consumers or end users, typically in a box or sleeve or on the internet, with or without instructions, is:
    A Multimedia Title
  6. The 19th-century Russian composer who used an orchestra, a piano, a chorus, and a special color organ to synthesize music and color in his 5th Symphony, Prometheus was:
  7. Which one of the following is not/are not typically part of a multimedia specification?
  8. VR stands for:
    Virtual Reality
  9. According to one source, in interactive multimedia presentations where you are really involved, the retention rate is as high as:
  10. Which of the following is displayable on a web page after installation of a browser plug-in?
    Adobe Flash
  11. PDA stands for:
    personal digital assistant
  12. The glass fiber cables that make up much of the physical backbone of the data highway are, in many cases, owned by:
    Railroads and pipeline companies
  13. DVD stands for:
    Digital Versitile Disc
  14. At one time, the technology that brought the greater amount of multimedia to the classroom was the:
  15. Which of the following is not a technology likely to prevail as a delivery means for interactive multimedia files?
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