MM Chapter 4

  1. Type sizes are usually expressed in?
  2. When a password must be entered in upper or lower case in order to match the original password, it is said to be?
    Case sensitive
  3. Symbolic representations of objects and process common to the graphical user interfaces of many computer operating systems are called?
  4. Special HTML characters always prefixed by an ampersand and followed by a semicolon, are called?
  5. "What you see is what you get" is spoken as?
  6. Translating or desiginng multimedia into a language other than the one in which it was originally written is called?
  7. The little decoration at the end of a letter stroke is a?
  8. Designers call roomy blank areas?
    White space (negative space)
  9. ___blends the colors along the edges of the letters to create a soft transition between the letter and its background.
  10. A family of graphic characters that usually includes many type sizes and styles is called a?
  11. which of the follwoing is a term that applies the spacing between characters of text?
  12. Intercapping, the oractice of placing a capital in the middle of a word, is trend the emerged from the computer programming community because?
    They found they could see the words used for variables and commands better.
  13. Dynamic HTML, uses____ to define choices ranging from the line height to margin width to font face.
    Escading style sheets
  14. If a DHTML document includes a font face that is not installed on the user's computer, a browser will?
    Try to substitute the font with a similar looking font
  15. In the YRL, which part is case sensitive?
    All are case sensitive
  16. multimedia becomes interactive multimedia when?
    The user has some control over what information is viewd and when it is viewed
  17. Interactive multimedia becomes hyoermedia when?
    It includes a structure of linked elemnts through which a user can navigate and interact
  18. Web pages are coded using?
    Hypertext Markup Language
  19. A printed page might be presented in which of these orientations?
  20. The reference from one document to another document, image, sound, or file on the web is an?
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