Chapter three

  1. The one cell that developes when two gametes fuse during fertilization is the begining of a new pwerson. This one cell is known as a
    c. zygote
  2. David and Daniel are twins who are genetically identical and are known as ___________twins. Annabelle and Timothy are also twins, but they are obviously _________ twins.
    C. monozygotic ; dizygotic
  3. When examaning the transmission of phenylketornuria (PKU), a recessive trait, we can clearly identify the _______ when a child is afflicted with PKU. For the child NOT afflicted with PKU, we can only identify the______, since the child may or may not be a carrier.
    a. genotype; phenotype
  4. If there are two dissimilar chromosomes in the 23rd pair, we can say that this infant
    d. is a boy
  5. The earliest prenatal testing is a first trimester screening that cobines two popular forms of prenatal testing. This test combines which two popular prenatal tests?
    C. Blood test and sonogram
  6. Ben's parents agree that he inherited his intelligence. however, at his college graduation they discussed how their efforts to encourage his intellectual curiosity by trips to museums and reading increased his intelligence. This suggestion, that the determination of intelligence is by a combination of genetic and environamental factors is refered to as...
    c: multifactorial transmission
  7. Genetics has been shown to produce a tendency for all of the following pshychological disorders EXCEPT
    • a schizophrenia
    • c depression
    • d attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder
  8. The three stages of prenatal development occur in teh follwing order
    b germinal, embryonic, fetal
  9. The procedure in which fertilization occurs outside the mother's body is know as
    d: in vitro fertilazation
  10. Examples of teratogens that produce birthd defects are all fo the follwing EXCEPT
    • a. alcohol
    • b. German measels
    • c. pollution
    • D.... MILK....
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