intro to muscles and joints

  1. 3 Major types
    • 1.Skeletal
    • 2.Cardiac
    • 3.Smooth
  2. Muscle Structure
    whole muscle--->Muscle fassicles--->Muscle fibers--->Myofibrils--->Myofilaments(actin and myosin)
  3. Sheaths of CT--> muscle structure
    • Epimysium: surround entire muscle
    • Perimysium: surround group of muscle fibers called fasicles
    • Endomysium: surround single muscle fibers
  4. within each muscle fiber there is:
    • -mitochondria " energy factor" ATP production
    • -capillaries: Bring O2 & remove waste
    • -nerve endings: stimulate musle contract
    • *small vessels slow blood down*
  5. Skeletal muscle
    • Function: movement, form, heat
    • -cells striated and multi nucleate
    • -fleshy contractile protion
    • -white non contractile portion-tendon (round) aponeurosis (flat)
    • -attached from tendon or aponeurosis to bone, ligament, cartilage or fascia
    • -some attach to organs-eyeballs
    • -some attach to skin- facial muscles
    • -some attach to membranes- tongue muscles
  6. Origin
    -attachment of tendon to stationary bone
  7. Insertion
    attachment muscles to other tendon to movable bone
  8. Action
    main movement that occur during contraction
  9. Prime mover or agonist
    responsible for action
  10. Antagonist
    stretches to yield effect of agonist
  11. Synergists
    • -aid in movement of agonist
    • -contract & stabilize intermediate joints
    • -Biceps and Brrachialis
  12. Fixators
    • -stabilize origin of agonsit so agonist os mre efficient
    • -proximal part of limb steady, distal part is where movement occur
    • -Roator cuff
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