english vocab 1

  1. Ad Hominen Arguement
    An arguement that appeals to emotion rather than logic.
  2. Allegory
    The device of using a character or strong element symbollically
  3. Alliteration
    The repettition of sounds especially initial consonant sounds
  4. Allision
    A direct or indirect reference to something commonly known.
  5. Abiguity
    Multiple meanings of a word
  6. Analogy
    A similarity or comparison between two things that helps explain something unfamiliar.
  7. Antecedent
    Word referred to by a pronoun
  8. Antithesis
    Figure of speech involving a seeming contradiction of ideas within a balanced rematical structure
  9. Aphorisma
    terse statement that express a general truth or moral principal
  10. Apostrophe
    Figure of speech that directly adresses an absent or imaginary person.
  11. Atmosphere
    emotional mood created by the entirety of a literary work
  12. Caricature
    A representation, literary or pictorial where a subjects features are exturated
  13. Chiasmus
    figure of speech based on inverted parallelism
  14. clause
    a grammatical unit that contains both a subject and verb
  15. Colloquialism
    slang or informal in speech or writing
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