Lesson 4

  1. Adage
    N. An old saying that has come to be accepted as true; a proberve.
  2. Camadeire
    N. Good will and warm feelings among friends.
  3. Contend
    • V. 1)To struggle with.
    • 2)To maintain or assert.

    • Contention
    • N. 1)A conflict or struggle.
    • 2)Point made in an argument.
  4. Extraneous
    Adj. Not necessary; irrelevant.
  5. Hubbub
    N. Noisy confusion; uproar.
  6. Meander
    • V. 1) To follow a winding coarse
    • 2)To wonder aimlessly.
  7. Odoriferous
    Adj. Having or giving of smell.
  8. Paraphernalia
    • N. 1)Personal belongings.
    • 2)Equipment associated with a particular activity.
  9. Punctilous
    Adj. Careful and attentive to details, specialy ones related to good manners and behavior.
  10. Recuperate
    V. To regain health or strength.
  11. Regale
    V. To entertain or delight.
  12. Sedentary
    Adj. Doing or requiring a lot of sitting.
  13. Spartan
    Adj. Marked by simplicity and lack of luxury.
  14. Temporal
    Adj. Relating to the everyday world as opposed to that which is spiritual or eternal.
  15. Wry
    • Adj. 1)Turned or bent to one side in distaste or humor.
    • 2)Amusing in a quiet or sharp way.
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